Are you aware that the Christian journey is all about discovering and searching for hidden secrets and mysteries that are filled with excitement, wonder, and awe? As you dare to venture into this realm of mystery in Christ you will encounter all kinds of beings and creatures (yes heaven is populated with all sorts of wonderful beings and things) that will help you to find the greatest treasure and mystery of all – THE FACE OF GOD HIMSELF!

Jesus did not come to earth, live to demonstrate the love of the Father, die a horrendous death for our sake and then rise again to open the door to heaven, just for us to be bored, stressed and miserable, while we wait for Him to come back! Not only did He do all these “shocking” things for us, He opened the way for the Holy Spirit to come down and enter into our hearts to make this journey as exciting and awesome as possible. He is the One that empowers us to discover the majesty of the kingdom, or realm, of God and heaven.

He is the One that makes sure that anyone (or anything) who challenges your legal rights and authority understands that you are acting within the authority of JESUS CHRIST. Challenge over! You are on your Father’s business. You are His kid – His king and His priest! 😊 You are SOMEBODY very important in this place and they better not mess with you! And, suddenly, His glory, goodness and mercy flood your life and you are “shocked!” Wham, He went beyond all you asked or imagined!

“Yes!” It is that simple, that fantastic, and meant to be fun, from beginning to end. We are meant to be having the time of our lives here on earth, even in the midst of great trial and tribulation. That may sound like an oxymoron, but digging for treasure sometimes involves some sweat and tears! Don’t worry, keep using the shovel of joy and singing, stay focused on the wonder of seeing His face, and you will come out of the hard work with great, great treasure – in this life and, more importantly, in the one to come, HEAVEN!

Have an “awe filled” day! 😊 😊





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