To Good To Be True

Have you ever thought about the statement, “It’s too good to be true?” Ever stopped to really think about what it is saying? Have you ever heard it said in regards to the gospel – the too good to be true news?

It is actually quite a negative statement. It is saying that if something is really good it cannot be true. What does it mean then? That something really good is a lie? I think this is one of the greatest lies Satan has ever conjured up. It spreads a subtle blanket over the truth and without us even thinking about it, we just agree.

The gospel of God’s grace is so great and so good it goes way beyond our imagination or capacity to comprehend. God’s grace is simply that through the blood of Jesus, poured out for you, God forgave you of every single sin, fault, failure, transgression etc. He forgave them all, the ones you committed before you came to know Him, the ones you have committed since you have received Him, the ones you are committing now and the ones that you will commit throughout the rest of your life.

It does not matter how small or how big you (or others) think they are. It does not matter whether you think they are a little bit bad or very bad or really, really bad. From lying, fornicating, murdering, drugging, molesting to rage, malice, fear and cowardice, every single one of them has been forgiven through the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for you. As a result there is nothing that you can do that will disqualify you from being forgiven, saved, healed, delivered etc, when you believe in and accept God’s grace towards you.

God dealt with your sin ONCE and for ALL. Because of the blood sin can no longer separate you from God once you have made the choice to accept His salvation. Salvation, redemption and the forgiveness of sin are God’s FREE gift to everyone who believes. It is by God’s grace through your faith in Jesus Christ that you are saved.

Here is the good news, neither you nor anyone else you know will EVER be good enough to get saved by your own effort. I don’t care how “good” a life you have lived, how kind you may be, how much money you give away or how good you are to your family, there is only one way to get saved and that is by your faith in God’s grace which only comes through Jesus Christ.

God is so GOOD and everything about His goodness and grace is true.

Everything about the gospel is about you being forgiven for each and every sin you have committed once and for all. It was God’s grace that sent Jesus to the cross for you and that same grace that forgave you of all your sin when you got saved keeps you saved and keeps you forgiven. You cannot now, after being saved, work by doing good deeds, get forgiven. Forget it. You will never be good enough to earn forgiveness. Forgiveness is GIVEN to you by God because you believe in His Son.

I know we as a people like to justify ourselves when we sin and condemn others when they sin, but no matter how you feel or think one truth remains and that is that forgiveness is only found in the blood of Jesus. If there is no blood there is no forgiveness. God has forgiven you, does forgive you and will forgive you because of the blood of Jesus not because of who you are or what you do.

Does that mean you can keep on sinning and keep getting forgiven? Yes. Absolutely yes! I sure hope so otherwise I would be in trouble and so would you.  When last did you get irritated with someone or have an evil thought of revenge towards someone, never mind some of the stuff you have watched on TV, or sung an ungodly song?

Chances are you will not be perfect today and you may just require the forgiveness of God, in which case you can go to Him confess, get cleansed through the blood, be forgiven and can move on completely clean in your relationship with Him.

Okay, but that’s just for the little sins, right? Depends on how you define what a little sin is verses a big sin. And this depends on whose perspective you are seeing things from. From our own perspective we will grade sin based on our own opinion and bias. From God’s perspective it is if you commit ONE sin, great or small, you are guilty of committing every sin known to man. That make you very, very wicked and evil. That means you really, really need a Saviour because you are absolutely and totally disqualified.

In Romans God says that ALL (including you and me) have sinned and come short of the glory of God. As a result we have all been bound over to wickedness so that all can be saved by faith in God’s grace. All can be forgiven because Jesus shed His blood for all.

Isn’t it great to know that you don’t have to be perfect before God to have a relationship with Him. He loves you so much He did everything He could possible do for you.

By grace alone 😊





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