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God has given you EVERYTHING you need for life and godliness through the KNOWLEDGE of His Son. Everything you need for this life God has given you and everything you need for godliness He has given to you. ALL you need is in your knowledge of Jesus Christ.  The more you know (intimately experience) Him the more you will have the things He has provided for you.

While walking the dogs on the beach a wave took me by surprise. I ran away from it but in the process lost my cell phone in the ocean. That morning I had bought a bag specifically for walking on the beach in which to carry my phone and keys. However, I decided not to use it this time. While strolling on the beach I had a thought to put it in my jacket pocket and zip it up; did not do it. The result – loss of cell phone!

I released my frustration to the Lord telling Him that I can’t believe I was so stupid. And, true to His nature He laughed and gave me a revelation. We do the same with the things the Lord has given us. I had all the tools at my disposal to prevent losing my phone but chose to ignore them. He has given us EVERY THING we need but often we choose not to use them NOW. We put it off to next time and in the process suffer the consequences.

Unfortunately many we blame God when things go wrong when all along it’s our own decisions that put us in the trouble we are in. We choose to go our own way instead of His way. We choose our own wisdom instead of His wisdom.  He is not the author of loss and trouble; He is the author of life and blessing. It does, however, mean that you need to live and govern your life – your thoughts and actions – by His word. That’s the smart thing to do 🙂

Now, if you have made a stupid decision and find yourself in trouble, turn to the Lord. Confess your fault and ask Him for wisdom to get out of it. He will lead you straight back into the knowledge of His life and godliness which will produce all you need for your life and godliness.

Scripture References: 2 Peter 1:3; James 1:5

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