One Thing

There is one thing that the Lord wants you to know which is above all other revelation and knowledge and understanding. In fact everything to do with God is found within the bounds of this one thing. It is above all and encompasses all. It is where your safety lies. It is the place of peace, deliverance, healing and every other blessing that is in God.

This one thing is the living knowledge of His unfailing and unending love for you. There are lots of thing that we are taught, all of which are important but if they are taught or received outside of the truth of His uncompromising, unfailing and unending eternal love for you it will be distorted knowledge and will never lead you into His holy and awesome presence.

His love for you is unconditional. All that He is and all that He has, lives and moves in and through His immeasurable love for you. He NEVER sits on His throne looking at you to see where He can find fault with you. He is not looking for your hidden sins or failures. He is looking at how He can increase your awareness of His love for you. More than anything in this world He wants you to know (intimately experience) and live in His love.

I had a friend call me with a dream in which she had opened the door to an enemy. As I spoke to her the thing that Lord impressed on me was not a sin but rather a lack of knowledge and most of the time this lack of knowledge is the knowledge of His abounding love for you. In Hosea God says that you perish or are destroyed for a lack of knowledge not because of sin.

If you are struggling in an area of your life or feel or think that you have opened the door to the enemy shut it quickly through gaining knowledge of God’s great love for you. Stop thinking about what you might have done wrong and find His love and forgiveness and then hide in it. His love for you will open His door for you and shut the door to the intruder.

Scripture references: Exodus 15:13; Psalm 48:9; Exodus 34:6; 2 Corinthians 13:14





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