Power Connections

I hope your weekend was full of wonderful, unexpected surprises and that they continue into this week.

As for me, I left for Durban early on Thursday morning, hence no email. I packed all my belongings as I would be meeting Dave in Cape Town that evening. Part of all my belongings was naturally my laptop. After all, in today’s world how do you function without one, especially when you are traveling.

I asked my wonderful hubby to please bring the power connection for my laptop from home before he left. (I like traveling with as little as possible.) Now, I have three power connections in various locations. I have one at home, one in my room in Johannesburg and another in my office. Therefore, I only travel with one half of my power cable.

Needles to say, my laptop ran flat while still in Durban. This did not hassle me as I knew I would get connected in Cape Town. But, Dave never saw the message! I got to Cape Town and there was no connection! No access to my (business) life. No access to emails. No access to anything I suddenly needed access to!

The moral of my story is that so often we set up these “connection points” with the Holy Spirit. We build up these places, I’m going to call them prayer places, and we wait until we get there before we are able to connect to Him. If we are not “connected” we feel as though we are lost and unable to do the things we need to do.

Fortunately, this is not true in the realm of the Spirit. You are continually connected to the Holy Spirit, your power source. The difference is that He travels with you wherever you go. You do not need to “pack” Him up 😊. He loaded Himself up when you accepted Him and there is not much you can do to “forget” Him. You do not need to be in any specific place to connect to Him. All you need to do is think of Him and, “whala” you are connected.

The Holy Spirit will never disconnect from you. He is always connected and as soon as your thoughts turn to Him His power begins to flow. He will flood your heart with wisdom, joy, peace, and comfort. He will guide you and help you. He is very excited about you and about being involved with all that you do. He thinks you are fun 😊!

May your day be filled with power!





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