Washing Feet!

While lying awake in bed this morning, the Lord came and spoke to me about what He did when He washed the feet of His disciples.

Physically this was the greatest act of servanthood that Jesus displayed to His disciples, and Peter found it exceptionally hard to deal with. As would we should Jesus physically come and wash our feet! Once He had finished, He instructed His disciples to wash each other’s feet. (John 13:5-14)

While foot washing can be a compelling experience, it is not practical for us to keep going around washing one another’s feet. Jesus, as always, was revealing a spiritual principle that is far more powerful than any physical foot washing experience. If you have never physically washed someone’s feet or had them wash your feet, you may want to do it so that you have a reference point for the power that is involved in the experience.

As Jesus washed my feet, He explained that the feet represent our walk in this life. He knelt at my feet (hard image to grasp) all I could see was Him. He looked up, smiled, and said, “I am a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path!” 😊 Never seen that Scripture like that before!  (Ps 119:104)

Foot washing is about the removal of the dirt and dust that our feet gather as we walk through this life. Spiritual foot washing is about the removal of the dirt and dust that our thoughts collect as we interact with the world’s ways, thoughts and actions. Worldly thinking pollutes the feet of our souls, and it is here that Jesus comes to cleanse you from every spot, stain and wrinkle that has attached itself to you. Often, we are not aware of His presence cleansing our souls, but He is always busy cleansing you through His Word and His blood.

Jesus uses His Word to cleanse your body and His blood to cleanse your soul. Your spirit is perfect and in complete union with the Holy Spirit and no sin can affect you there.

But the most significant emphasis the Lord gave to me was in how to wash another person’s feet spiritually. Bear in mind that we are talking about cleansing another person from the harmful effects of sin, which they may have picked up as they walk through this world. This is also only applicable to the saints! This is what He showed me to do, and I encourage you to try it yourself. 😊

I had to choose someone that I love, someone that I am not offended with and with whom I am at peace. Then I had to kneel and speak blessing and encouragement over them. I put my hands on their feet but did not have a bucket etc. you may choose to have these with you in your imagination when you do this. The important thing is that you have identified the person you are dealing with and that you impart words of blessing and encouragement from your heart over them.

Then I had to do the same for an enemy or someone with whom I was having issues. This was not as easy. However, as you practice doing this, you will find the love of God that is in your heart begin to come forth towards that person in your own heart. Faith and love towards the other person release God’s kingdom. Faith and love expressed in prayer is servanthood. This is how you lay your life down for the sake of someone else.

Washing the feet of the saints is a humbling and at the same time empowering act. It is done in faith, through the eyes and emotions of the soul’s imagination. If you find yourself getting emotional, please allow them to flow. Do not hold back on what you may experience because the presence of the Lord is real, and when He walks into your soul, it is reasonable to have emotional moments. These are just as powerful, if not more powerful, as any physical act of foot washing.

Spiritual foot washing will affect the life of the person you are praying for, but it will significantly impact you and your walk with the Lord.

Have a “foot-full” day!


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