Eternal Favour

There is a glory that belongs to you and me that is far beyond our ability to comprehend. Without the aid of the Holy Spirit it would be impossible to comprehend or believe, and yet it is an eternal truth that God has established from before time began. Before you were born, before sin began, before creation, God firmly and securely established you in this truth that is in Jesus. It is His Sovereign will and eternal pronouncement concerning you.

Back in the Garden in Eden a horrific event occurred that would not just affect the people involved but it would reach all the way to the throne of God and to the ends of creation. Everything was touched, altered and changed by this event. It was an event that would culminate in the most gruesome death in all of history; the death of Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son. Yet it would also be the most glorious event in all eternity.

When Adam and Eve yielded their obedience to a being called Lucifer instead of to the command of the Lord it brought into being a life filled with sin and death and everything that comes with them. Pain, heartache, sickness, disease, murder, anger, hatred, etc., seeped into their being and an eternal separation from God was established. Sin and death now had a hold over them – spirit, soul and body. This sin would pass down to their children and every one of us. So severe was this sin that God placed His most powerful beings at the entrance to the tree of life so that they could not partake of it.

In spite of it all, God’s love for Adam and Eve and all of us did not change. He did not desert us but came back with a promise which would once again unite us with Him. He would come, He would die, and through His death and resurrection He would restore all things in heaven and on earth and in all creation back to Himself.

A judgement was coming, one which He had already determined in His heart before anything happened, and this judgement would change eternity forever.

This judgement, which would result in the shedding of the Lord’s blood and His body being broken and then His death and separation from God, would set an eternal judgement in place regarding you and me as well as the demonic world of Satan. As in every court of law, the law will judge in favour on one and in the guilt and imprisonment of the other.

And this judgement went in our favour!

He judged us not guilty and the devil guilty. Through His blood our sins are completely removed and a “not guilty” verdict has been declared. His broken body and death resulted in the verdict of our bodies being made whole and death losing its right to hold us any longer. This judgement released the Holy Spirit who would bring us into all the fullness of God’s love for us.

You are God’s favourite one 😊!

God’s eternal judgement is one of the foundational doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a doctrine that needs to be more than a theory but a living, breathing, active revelation within us. It is a foundation that our lives ought to be built upon. When it is firmly established on the inside of you there is nothing that this world, or anything else in all creation can do against you. It will support you, strengthen your faith and above all cause you to stand in triumph over every evil attack.

The eternal judgement that has been ruled in your favour is this:

  • His blood has cleansed you from sin, once and for all. His blood cleanses you in your spirit and your soul and your body.
  • His blood justifies you and pronounces you, “Not guilty!”
  • Jesus took your guilt and condemnation that demanded your death and took your place. He died to save you.
  • The price for your sin has been paid in full. There is no payment left. All you can do is receive it and say, “Thank you!”
  • His body was broken to restore your broken body, making your body whole and holy.
  • Your body is now a fit dwelling place for the Holy Spirit.
  • You now belong to God and not to yourself or this world.
  • His broken body paid for your healing, your deliverance, and your salvation – spirit, soul and body.
  • His Spirit can now give birth to your spirit. He gives birth to you as a child of God, with a new heart and a new spirit. You are a new creation.
  • You have the promise of eternal life.
  • He will raise your body from the dead and glorify it.
  • You have the power to rule and reign on earth over the works of darkness. Your position is now above that of Satan.
  • You no longer come under the jurisdiction of the law of Moses, which is the law of sin and death.
  • You are now governed by the law of life in Christ Jesus.
  • You are as righteous as Jesus. He has made you the righteousness of God in Him.
  • You have been reconciled to Christ.
  • You have received God’s abundant provision of grace and the gift of righteousness
  • Grace now reigns in you through righteousness to bring you eternal life
  • You can now count (consider) yourself dead to sin and alive unto righteousness.
  • You can now bear fruit to God
  • There is no condemnation towards you because you are in Christ Jesus
  • God now lives in you
  • His Spirit gives life to your body because He lives in you
  • You are one of His heirs
  • Nothing can ever separate you from the love God has for you because you are in His Son.
  • You are now a citizen of heaven and not of this world.
  • The kingdom you belong to is righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.
  • You are sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be holy
  • It was because of God that you are in Christ Jesus – His will, His plan, not yours 😊
  • Your righteousness, holiness and redemption is God’s wisdom to you in Christ Jesus.
  • You have been washed, sanctified and justified in the name of Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of God.
  • You have been made alive in Christ
  • You are a new creation; your former life has passed away and a new life has come.
  • And the list goes on …

Without the foundational doctrines of Christ being firmly laid on the inside of us we cannot go on to maturity in God.

The glory that God wants to display in and through your life to the principalities, and powers, and rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places cannot come before we become mature. A mature believer is someone who is well acquainted with the basic or elementary doctrines of Christ.

As you establish these truths in your life they will begin to form God’s nature and character within you. Without His nature and character, you cannot carry the glory you have been destined to carry. They also take time to form and need to go through some fire to be fortified within you. They require your time and attention. Reading my emails, other books and teachings, will not establish them within you. You are the only one that can take them and work with them on the inside of you – in your spirit, your soul and your body.

To establish them as a foundation you need to know them. You need to know what God’s eternal judgement is all about and then accept it as the truth concerning you. As you work with the thoughts that God has towards you and make them your own they become established. At first it is difficult for your mind to comprehend that it is not evil, let alone your body. Seeing yourself as sinless and righteous is contrary to our physical perceptions of ourselves.

However, to establish God’s eternal judgement deep within you means you have to accept it as the truth. You have to deny any thought that contradicts what God has decreed about you because you are in His Son. God’s ruling in favour of you is your victory over the works of darkness. For as long as you identify yourself with the works of darkness (i.e. SIN) you will never overcome. As a result, God will never be able to establish His kingdom within you or for you.

So, I ask you, please accept the gift of righteousness that Jesus has given to you. Please accept His sacrifice and honour Him by believing that what He did He really did do for you. Learn how to repent when you commit a sin. Learn how to be forgiven and then how to stand up in righteousness. Learn the power of God’s grace and truth in Christ Jesus and rule over sin. Learn how to yield yourself to Him and not to the dictates, ideologies and philosophies of this world.

He is waiting to take you into glory, here and now!

When it comes to building a good foundation, you need to remember that the whole foundation is one solid continuation until it meets again at the corner it started in. It is one foundation. A foundation for a building is never done a little piece here, then another piece there and another there. If that were so the foundation would be unstable and the building would collapse.

It is the same with the basic doctrines of Christ that you need to lay deep within you. All the doctrines work together to form one solid foundation. If your doctrine regarding repentance from dead works is strong but eternal judgement is weak, you will collapse when the storms of life come. Each one needs to be as strong as the next for you to become a strong building, or in our case a strong temple in which God lives by His Spirit.

The Bible says that your BODY is the temple of the Holy Spirit. If the doctrines of Christ make up the foundations of the temple of God then they have to be laid in the BODY. This means your BODY is a holy place! It is not evil, wicked, disgusting, full of sin, dead, etc. Your BODY, your SOUL and your SPIRIT have ALL been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. He did not clean a part of you. If He did then your SPIRIT would have to be His temple and not your body.

Think about it. Jesus died, spirit, soul and body. He was raised to life, spirit, soul and body. His blood has redeemed YOU. You are spirit, soul and body. He is three persons, yet they are one. You are made in their image and likeness. Therefore, you are a spirit, a soul and a body. You are three but you are also one. Jesus said that a little leaven, leavens the whole lump. He was teaching that a little bit of sin causes the whole thing to become sin. If there is a little bit of sin in my body then all of me becomes sin.

But, Jesus has MADE YOU the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God in Christ Jesus. He has made your spirit righteous, He has made your soul righteous and He has made your body righteous. That is awesome and it is from this position of being righteous in Christ Jesus that you stand safe and secure, far above all principality and power and any other rulers. The basic foundational doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ need to be laid across your whole being – spirit, soul and body. ALL OF YOU needs to be identified with who you are in Christ Jesus.

Okay, okay! You do sinful things, now what? Doesn’t that make you sinful and a sinner? NO! No, it means you got involved with something you should not have been involved with and you need to repent. That’s when repentance from dead works needs to kick in and you need to turn back to God and get involved with Him and His righteousness BECAUSE HE HAS MADE YOU RIGHTEOUS.

You are still righteousness even though you did something unrighteous.

This is called grace and this is how you gain victory over sin and death. Glory, hallelujah! God’s gift of eternal righteousness causes us to reign over sin and death when they come to engage or fellowship with us to get us to do what we should not be doing. When you turn to God, which is faith towards God, the eternal judgement of the blood speaks for you and all the other doctrines join forces to bring you back into your rightful position in Christ.

How great is our God! 😊

Scripture References: Hebrews 6:1-4; Colossians 1:16; 2:15; 1 Peter 3:2; Colossians 2:8; Matthew 7:26; 1 Corinthians 6:19; 5:6; Galatians 5:9





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