A Glorious Hope!

There is a hope, a glorious hope that keeps, protects and motivates everyone and everything that belongs to Christ. This glorious hope carries you through every hurt and pain, every despair and sorrow, sickness and disease. It is the hope that sits deep in the heart of every believer.

This glorious hope is the resurrection from the dead!

There are things that God has planned for you that are beyond your current ability to imagine. They go far beyond this world. This life, this world and everything in it will pass away from you. You will leave this place, it is only a “stop off” point in your journey with the Lord Jesus Christ. Never let the situations that arise, or anxious thoughts move you. They are nothing more than shadows.

Yes, they may terrify you, but when you turn your face away from them to behold the One who loves you with all His heart, and think about the glory of who He is, those shadows fade away. They cannot come with you when you leave. You will leave them behind and enter into the most wonderful and glorious place, we call it heaven or paradise.

But even your life in heaven will not stay as it is now. Even there this hope is there. This glorious hope is eternal, yet in one moment of time, heaven and earth and eternity will once again be changed forever. This glorious hope is the resurrection of our bodies from the dead. Though we cannot comprehend this glorious and magnificent event now, it is the very purpose of Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection. His goal, to have you fully fashioned and formed in Him and to be manifest in your full glory, spirit, soul and body.

To this end you have been called. To this end you have been destined. Let this end be the final goal of everything you do in this life. Let it be the end of every goal, of every dream, of every desire. In everything you do, do it with a conscious knowledge of where you are going. Do it within the glorious hope that you have. Dream of that day. Rejoice in that hope. Fight in that hope.

There is nothing that will complete you and bring you peace and joy like the knowledge of the glorious hope of your resurrection from the dead. You are eternal, you are glorious, you are God’s beloved and you are the manifestation of who He is right here and now.

To God be the glory, both now and forever more.

Be blessed in all you do.





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