A Word from the Father

“Oh, how I long to gather you under the shadow of My wings and draw you deep into My heart. How I love the sound of your heart as it beats next to Mine. How I get thrilled at the sound of your voice as it sighs in the warmth of My embrace, and the sweetness of your face as you gaze into My eyes.

Come, come to Me my beloved. Step away from the troubles and heartache of the world around you and step into our secret place where we are alone and I can be your Healer, your Protector, your Comforter, and your Guide. Here in My love there is no evil that can befall you, no trouble that can snare you, no pain that can defeat you. Here in My presence is joy and peace for your soul and rest for your body. Come My beloved, come to Me.

Leave the turmoil of the wars around you, come up here and sit with Me for a while. I will calm your heart and sooth your soul. I will breathe life over your body and health into your bones. Come listen to My heartbeat and listen to the tenderness of My voice as I sing My songs of love over you. Let Me hold you, let Me love you. Oh, how I long for you, how I long to just hold you in My embrace.”

I awoke this morning with a vision of the Father as He softly cradled the earth in His arms. He softly sang over His creation that He died for. His words were tender and filled with love. A tear ran down His right cheek as He gently blew His wind of love around the planet. There was no anger, just a deep, deep groan filled with so much love and power as He sang, “Come My loved one, you are forgiven. Your sins and lawlessness I have cast away from My presence, as far as the east is from the west and I refuse to recall them.”

He rocked back and forth, like a father a new-born son. His face filled with delight, His breath warm and tender. There is no war in His presence, no storm or tempest. There is no judgment and no condemnation. With one voice I saw the Father, and the Son and the Spirit, cry out into the heavens, “They are forgiven, they are forgiven.”

“Come My child, just come. You are welcome here; this is your home. Come, come visit with Me for a while. Stay as long as you want, My door is always open. Let your tears role down your face, I’ll collect them in My bottles. Let your laughter ring out and it will blow through the chimes of heaven. Come My beloved, come to Me. Let Me hold you in My arms and gently sing My songs of love over you. Close your eyes, breathe deep, sigh, relax, it is well, it is well with you and Me.”


With unending love,

Your Heavenly Father


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