At Home – Prophetic Word

I want to share a prophetic word with you today. This really blessed me and so I thought I’d share it with you.

This prophetic word is really just Jesus speaking to you through His Word. This is John 14:1-3 from the Mirror Translation.

From Jesus to you …

“Set your troubled hearts at ease by letting your belief conclude in God as you rest your confidence in Me.

What makes My Father’s house home, is your place in it! If this was not the ultimate conclusion of My mission, why would I even bother to do what I am about to do if it was not to prepare a place for you? I have come to persuade you of a place of seamless union where you belong.

The proportions of what I am about to accomplish are astonishing! I will prepare a highway for you, just as in the Oriental custom, where people would go before a king to level the roads to make it possible for royalty to journey with ease and comfort. By fully identifying Myself with you I would fully identify you with Me so that you may be completely at home where I am.”

Jesus spoke this to His disciples just before He went to the cross. The cross opened the Way for you to come into union with the Father and to be where He is.

Please take some time to think about how much you mean to Him and the Father. Let His Words wash over your mind and allow yourself to slip into His eternal arms of love. You have a special place in His house and because of your presence He calls it “home.” How precious you are to Him.

I will continue with the Cheerful Battle next time.

In His love always 💖



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  1. This exacrtly what God has given me to realise. So glad to see unison in the Sprit