Be Still

If you had to describe your life would you say it is rushed and pressured or quiet and peaceful? For the most I think rushed and pressured is more descriptive of today’s lifestyle. Finding time to relax is a luxury and tends to be used up by slumping into the couch and watching TV. And in the midst of all our pressure is the need to find time to be with God.

The Lord said that if you want to get to know Him you need to be still.

Let me tell you, being still will require time and commitment. And this is where we often fall short. We have the excuse that life is just too busy, and God understands. God does understand, He understands very well, but do you understand? DO you understand that He cannot connect to you consciously unless you become still?

Often, in our mad rush, we stop, cry out to God for some or other reason, and then rush on to the next thing demanding our time and attention. Then another week has gone by and we wonder why God has not answered us. In truth, wherever you are He is there with you and He is not going to leave you, but to connect to Him you really do need to STOP, take a break and get quiet – for more than 5 minutes!

Being still means “being still” – your whole being, including your mind and your body, need to come into a place of quietness and rest. Your body needs to be in a comfortable and restful position, and then your thoughts need to slow down and drift away from the hustle and bustle of this world, and slip into the kingdom of eternity, where the Father has invited you to come and sit with Him.

The Lord resides in your heart. He is not out there in the far reaches of space on a planet called heaven. He is inside you. Deep within you is the place we call heaven. God is here, Jesus is here, the Holy Spirit is here and so are the angels and everything else that has to do with heaven. This is why the Lord instructs us to be still.

If you do not know how to be still in His presence, don’t get discouraged, as it is easily learnt. As you settle into your place of comfort, gently begin to give thanks and praise to the Lord. Turn your imagination towards Him. See Him in the eyes of your imagination, or heart. Pray and/or sing in tongues, always bringing your thoughts into a place of love and adoration for Him. Become conscious of His presence and the things you see in your mind. If you see evil or your mind begins rushing back to all the things you need to do, just put them to the side and continue focusing on Him. The only thing you are looking for is His love.

He loves you and it is out of His love for you that He speaks. He will calm you with words of love and comfort and peace. He is not judgmental, or harsh, or unforgiving. He will draw you towards Him and He will lift you up. He will talk to you about righteousness and all things that are good. He will show you the things that are eternal and teach you His ways. You will EXPERIENCE Him and His love will begin changing your heart. His work in you will become alive to your conscience, and as you continue your desire for Him will intensify.

Life is demanding, I know that, but it is temporary and will fade away. However, your pursuit of God is eternal and will never fade away. Only that which you do out of love and a desire to put Him above all else will have an eternal value. Please do not trade that which is eternal for that which is fading away. It is not worth it.

Pursue God, with everything you have, learn to be still in His presence so that you can come to KNOW Him. This is all He wants. All He wants is to know you and for you to know Him.


Peace to you, always! 😊





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  1. Alone time with God, a sacred private time of peacefulness with my Redeemer, my Saviour. Cherished moments in my life.