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Have you ever quoted or heard a Scripture which sounds good but don’t really understand what it means? I have that a lot! There are many things in Scripture that baffle my mind.

Anyway, one of those is Joel 3:10 where it says, “Let the weak say I am strong!” but today I had an interesting interruption by the Holy Spirit as I was coming into the presence of the Lord. I gave thanks that I don’t come into His presence with my weaknesses and failures but in the righteousness and holiness of the Lord. As I said that He roared, “Yeah, let the weak say I am strong!” I just stood there as His glory flooded my mind.

Let the weak say I am strong comes from a portion in Joel 3:2. Joel is prophesying to the nation about preparing for war and even the weak and frail need to rise up and say they are strong. How many times in our lives do we find ourselves facing battles but feel to weak, sick or tired to face them? Then some well-meaning Christian comes along, slaps you on the back and says, “Let the weak say I am strong! Just say you’re strong brother and all will be okay.” Then they walk away and all you want to do is slap them!

When I hear the words “be strong” the first my image is of a weight lifter and then lose heart because the last thing I want to do is lift weights to get strong! However, without weight training you will never gain physical strength. Unless … you learn to operate from a higher realm. This realm is the realm of the spirit from which even the frail can have supernatural strength. This is the realm that we ought to be operating in.

The strength lies in what you SAY. It comes from the heart, way down deep, full of faith and conviction. It comes when you push aside the sounds and images of your weaknesses and focus on the strength that comes from Christ. It is released in your confessions when you worship and honour the King. This strength is not something that just happens, it develops as you engage with God in your heart. It strengthens as you behold His love and His goodness towards you.

Out of this place of tender mercy and love comes a strength that is beyond you. It strengthens your imagination and emotions to where you can do the impossible and see the miraculous take place in your life. As your words change from declaring who you think you are to what God says you are the battles you face will become places of great joy and victory.

So, if you are facing a battle, turn into the Lord, don’t come offering your weaknesses and failures, bring an offering based on the victory of Jesus Christ and what He has done for you, and before you know it the Lord will have thundered and come to your defense.

Scripture Reference: Joel 3

Be strong! 😊





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