Being Perfected!

The incomprehensible, unfailing love God has for you will leave you astonished at how little you know Him. Yet, at the same time, you will be amazed at how much your relationship with Him increases and intensifies!

The most amazing thing about the love of God for you is that it casts out fear. Fear has torment and can get so bad it makes you physically ill. Fear causes all kinds of horrible thoughts and imaginations which give rise to fights and wars and other ridiculous behaviors.

I heard a bad report concerning an event that took place in our community. The first thing it did was bring back all the fear, thoughts and emotions that I had experienced with crime in our home. I saw the community trying to do an awareness drive but that did nothing to alleviate my fear. But then, in the midst of these fearful thoughts came the still, kind and gentle voice of the One whom I have come to love so much.

All He said was, “You fear because you have not yet been made perfect in love.”

Chances are that you may be finding yourself in the same place, and that you still have fears that constantly exert themselves against you. There is one weapon, only one, that you have been given to fight against fear, and that is God’s unfailing, unending, love. The more you immerse yourself in it the greater it becomes, and the less fear is able to do anything to you.

Can you imagine what will happen when we, as a united body of believers, begin to walk in the full knowledge of the love our Father has for us? If love casts out fear, and we know how to use our weapon of love, we would cast out and pull down the fearful and dreadful kingdom of darkness.

I believe the Church, the beloved Bride of Christ, is arising with the power of God’s love in our voice and loving action, not violence, will usher in His wonderful return.

Arise in love!





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