Being Spiritual!

Have you ever thought of the reality of the spirit realm? Jesus said that His words are spirit and they are life. (John 6:63) Ever wondered what that means?

When Jesus said His words are spirit and they are life, He was teaching (and I believe by experience) that the spirit realm is real and the words He has spoken here on earth are real and living things, or beings, or entities, in the spirit realm. In the realm of the spirit everything is alive and has a purpose and function. If that is the case, then we need to know what Jesus said looks and feels like in the realm of the spirit. The spirit realm is more real than the physical realm of time, space, and matter and exists beyond it or in another dimension.

In the physical realm you cannot see God, or angels, or demons, or cherubim, or seraphim, or other creatures and beings that exist in the spirit realm. By the way, the spirit realm is NOT full of demons! They exist in one realm of the spirit, through which they can influence and affect your life, however, there is far more in the realm of the spirit that belongs to Jesus and is filled with His glory.

When you approach God in prayer and worship you are not entering the realm of demons, you are entering the realm of your Heavenly Father who loves you and cares for you. Jesus promised that your Father would NEVER give you anything that comes from the realm in which demons dwell. When you come to Him, the Holy Spirit imparts to you all the love, mercy, grace, peace, and joy that exists in Him.

Also, being spiritual and entering into the realm of the spirit and encountering God there does not make you weird or creepy! It will, however, make you happy – very happy – give you peace, bring you wisdom and understanding, heal your soul and body, and bring you freedom from the tyranny of the devil. Most of all, it empowers you to really love people and all of God’s creation. As you grow in your life with God in the spirit, the experiential knowledge of His love in and for you, it will complete you and bring you into the fulness of who He is and who you are in Him.

Now, being spiritual has nothing to do with how well you can quote and confess Scripture, but by how well you know Jesus and obey that which HE tells you. I firmly believe in learning Scripture as it helps you in your stand against Satan. When it comes to Satan you must be able to tell him what is written. Learning Scripture also aids you in coming into the presence of the Lord as they act as gateways into the realm of the spirit. God uses His Scriptures to invite you into His presence and to train you in the way of righteousness.

Being spiritual is all about learning to have face to face encounters with the Lord.

It is not about how perfect you are in the world’s eyes, but about how much you and Jesus engage with one another. You are unique and so will your relationship with Him be unique. Being spiritual also requires you to be like a child and not a grown up! Grown ups live in the realm of “No! You can’t” and children live in the realm of “Yes! You can!”. When it comes to God let your imagination and emotions be a part of what you are doing and allow yourself freedom of expression. If you miss it or “do it wrong” don’t worry about it! God is your Father and through the Holy Spirit and Jesus He will teach and correct you. They are NOT easily offended and have more faith in you than you do.

I pray that, as you yield yourself to the love of the Holy Spirit, He would flood your heart and mind with the glory and the wonder of all the Jesus has for you.

Lots of love 💞





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