Bless You!

Have you ever had anyone say, “Bless you!” when you sneezed? 😊 I think we have all experienced this and even said it to others at some time in our lives.

However, are you aware at just how great the power of blessing is? The words ‘bless you’ have become more of a cliché today, rather than the thought of real power coming over you to bring about something good in your life.

When Jesus tells us to bless each other, as well as our enemies, He was not trying to be funny or using empty words. Jesus understood the spiritual power that exists behind words of blessing. When we bless, we magnify the goodness of God over someone else, which in turn multiplies God’s blessing back to us.

The reverse is just as true. When we curse or speak negatively about someone else, we empower the curse to come back upon ourselves. There is no wisdom in that! Yet, for the most part, people tend towards the curse rather than the blessing. This is simply because we do not understand the power of life and death, blessing and cursing, that is contained within our words. Being ignorant of the words we speak can be greatly destructive, just as being conscious of the words we speak is greatly beneficial.

When it comes to words, ignorance is NOT bliss!!

I know we don’t believe in Genies in a lamp, but if it were real and a Genie appeared out of a lamp to you today, and told you that you WOULD have anything and everything you said for the next 30 days, how conscious would you be of every word you speak? The only condition being that everything you said would happen to YOU only.

The thing is you DO have a genie in a lamp – it’s called YOUR TONGUE!

When your tongue releases the words that contain the desires of your heart, the creative forces of life and death are released to bring those things to you. Become conscious of the words you speak, especially those filled with emotions or feelings, because they are far more powerful than any genie in a lamp. They are real. They are powerful. Use them wisely as they have been given to you to use for blessing.

May your life be filled with wonderful words of blessing that bring you life, peace and joy! 😂😍





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