Blind Faith

Have you ever heard the expression “blind faith”? I thought about it as I left George for Joburg last week. In George it was cold, overcast and rainy. As we took off I could see the ocean and the ground beneath us, but it was not long before we were in the clouds and all I could see was the blinding glare as the sun’s rays radiated though dense clouds. Other than the bright clouds there was nothing visible. We might as well have been blind.

The pilots could not see anything either and I knew we were flying over mountains. I faithfully accepted that we would be safe BECAUSE they could fly blind. They know and understand how to use their instruments! If not, we would all be dead! They had to use and trust their instruments to guide them safely over the mountains and up over the clouds.

It is the same with us when it comes to our faith. Often the world blinds us from being able to see the promises of God and the glory of His kingdom. It is in these times that you need to be able to navigate your life through the clouds of despair and pain, impending gloom and destruction, regardless of their form or colour. Knowing how to use your faith by walking with the Lord and keeping yourself in His love are the instruments that you need to guide you safely through.

Faith is not about knowing how to make the instruments work or telling the instruments what to do, but more like entering into a simple state of rest and letting the instruments take over and do the work for you. You do not need to be in control, but you must follow the instructions the instruments are giving.

In life, you cannot see the Holy Spirit nor the promises of God with your physical eyes because they are “built into” and exist in your inner being. When the things of this world begin to blind your eyes it’s time to close them, to sit back and let the Spirit of the Lord take over and guide you. When you rest in knowing that He is guiding you, you will get to your destination without much trouble. Faith does not require you to see in the natural but rather to see in the realm that is above the natural. Up here you can see further than you imagined, and the journey becomes enchanting.

Now, if you are having some trouble seeing the promises of God fulfilled in your life, please stop and re-group. Gather your thoughts and imaginations together. Assess them. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What do you really believe? What do you see when your eyes are closed? Do you see destruction at the end of journey? Do you see the manifestation of your desired end? If you do not see and feel the peace and joy of a good and desired end, then you need to sit back and relax and allow the Holy Spirit to take over. Sit in His presence and pray until you can fly using His thoughts as your only instruments.

Fly High! 😊





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  1. So very true Yvonne, it’s the first time I heard the word but such a powerful word indeed. The word first gives the impression of fath which is blind and meaningless but revealing its true meaning is a blessing and a tool to keep for future use.