Okay, the origin of the name “blissitude” is not mine, I heard it from Justin Abrahams 😊. In our Bibles, Jesus begins His Sermon on the Mount with a few “blessed are.”

The word blessed is more accurately translates from Aramaic as bliss or blissful. It makes a tremendous difference to the understanding of the sermon or the “Be Attitudes” as they are commonly called. Here is the challenge though, how ‘blissful’ are you, especially when you are facing some of the things Jesus mentions?

The word bliss implies great happiness, abundant goodness, happiness and delight. It also means to have the capacity to enjoy union and communion with God. Now, everything Jesus taught was about the kingdom of heaven and of God and how to gain access to it. Jesus invites us to join Him in His Father’s kingdom and the “blissitudes” are pathways that lead you into His kingdom. In the kingdom everything He has is yours.

If you look at Jesus first statement he says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Now read it this way, “Those who are poor in spirit, or utterly dependent upon the Lord for everything, are blissfully happy, abound in goodness, and delight in their union and communion with God. They will find access into the kingdom of heaven and enjoy all it has to offer.”

Being dependent upon the Lord is an expression. It is an expression of great emotional happiness and delight in your relationship with the Lord, which will bring you into a place of great abundance or goodness and prosperity. The kingdom of heaven needs a door to come through from heaven to earth, and this door is open when you are blissfully happy in your relationship with Him, regardless of your circumstances, as your circumstances form the foundation from which faith – being blissfully happy in your dependence upon Him – can spring from.

Hope is developed in a blissful relationship with the Lord as it is rooted and established in His love and the force and power of love gives rise to a powerful faith, which can move mountains and bring you into joyful abundance and prosperity in everything you do.

If you are struggling with developing bliss there is only one way to overcome it, and that is to become extremely grateful and thankful that Jesus has written your name in His Book of Life. When you focus on eternity and how great a salvation you have it will turn your sorrow into joy, your despair into hope, and your poverty into abundance.

You are His eternally. He will be with you for all eternity.

Have a blissful day! 😂😂





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