Bouncing Bubbles!

You know, the love of God will bounce you into some really wild and wonderful adventures with Him.

The more you engage with the love of God for you, which is in the Holy Spirit, the more you will experience God and the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is not difficult to engage with, but it can only be engaged with when you yield yourself to the love of God and His grace and let go of your own weaknesses, failures and sins.

There is nothing you can do to justify yourself to God or do to deserve His love. Forget it, His standard is impossible to attain, that’s why he sent Jesus to be your mediator. Through His blood you have redemption and forgiveness and the response God is looking for is your gratefulness to Him and then immersing yourself into His love and mercy.

Stop trying to “be good” and “do good” so that you can “win His favour”. It’s not going to happen. The favour and love of the Lord is not earned, it is freely given to you, in spite of you. When you learn to receive His love and love Him back simply because He loves you, you will begin to enter into the wonders of God.

Enjoy your day and let your heart float and soar in the love of God.





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