Breakthrough 2!

It does not matter where you are in your life spiritually, we all need “breakthrough’s” in our lives. You may need a breakthrough spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically or in all of them put together, but learning to fight and advance against the enemy of your soul is not an option. We all need to advance, fight and conquer!

I have a question for you. Is the enemy you are facing ‘seen’ or ‘unseen’?

I put it to you that he is seen all the time but not often recognised. He is a master at disguise and deception. However, he hides himself in darkness and as soon as you come into the light of God’s Word, which is the voice of Jesus, he becomes “uncloaked.”

Dave has been watching Startrek. In the series there is a character with the name of “Odo”. Odo is known as a “changeling” or more commonly as a “shape shifter.” He is able to change form to deceive and defeat his enemy. Satan is a master shape shifter! Let me explain.

Satan, or demonic spirits, shape themselves into thoughts and imaginations that look like problems. They take on a form that looks like, “I don’t have enough money,” or “I have a headache” or “I can’t do this anymore,” Or “I hate so and so,” or “Eskom!” or “the lousy government,” and on and on they shift through our thoughts convincing us that we are in a seriously bad situation and our lives are awful. The worst is that we actually fall for their deceptive shape and voice and engage in conversations with them! We agree! We talk about it to others and they agree too! Before long everyone is in agreement and WE GET WHAT WE AGREE ON!

Wham! Instead of us receiving a breakthrough against the forces of darkness, they receive a breakthrough against us! Before long we find ourselves in a place of hopelessness, depression, fear, and defeat. Subtly darkness has a stronghold over our thoughts and emotions, effectively paralysing us. Jesus said, I like to think that He warned us, that if two of us should agree on earth concerning something it will be established for us. I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in surrendering my life to poverty, fear, stress, sickness, etc. It is time for us to breakthrough his lies and deceit and destroy all his diabolical plans and purposes against us.

This is where the glorious work and help of the Holy Spirit comes in. He is never deceived by the enemy of our souls. He knows where evil hides and loves taking you into those places to expose the enemy so that you can take your sword and pierce his soul instead. He is terrified of anyone who comes at him in the light of who they are. He is petrified of the sons and daughters of God that walk with the Holy Spirit. When the voice of Jesus enters your mind and you “shift” yourself into Him, there is no circumstance or demon in hell that can stand against you!

All this “drama” takes place in your soul, which is much more than just your mind, your will and your emotions. But more about that tomorrow … 😊

Let the breakthrough begin! 👏👏👏





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  1. Glory be to the most high God and His Song Jesus Christ praise be to got for a living hope… Amen