Broken Faith

Have you ever felt like your faith is broken? You do great for a while and then it all just seems to come apart? If so, don’t lose heart because faith can be fixed again! 😊

I love it when the Lord uses real life situations as parables to teach spiritual truths. I am in the process of having an intranet program written for the business. It started as a desire in my heart which, in time, became formatted in writing and then the program began. It was filled with joy and expectancy and began with a lot of fun. However, as the program developed so did the tests and trials. Just as it looked like all was well I remembered something which then had to be inserted and this would “break” the system for a while. However, once inserted the system would be up and running again.

And such is our life of faith. It is always challenged with tests and trials, but these do not mean your faith is finished and all is lost. Just because you have begun believing God for something in your life and it doesn’t come to pass when you expect it, and it gets challenged, does not mean the whole chain of your faith is broken. It simply means something was missing but once corrected you can carry on.

I did not cry or give up on the intranet program just because things went wrong. I would laugh and have fun with the developer because he had to fix the problems that I caused because it was not in the original scope and layout. In life we often mess up or neglect something as we are walking in faith, but this does not mean it’s over, it means you are improving, as long as you don’t quit!

Life will always have pressures and difficulties. These things come to challenge your faith, but they are there to strengthen and improve your faith and in turn improve your quality of life. Jesus is faithful, and the Holy Spirit is your Developer! When something in your “faith system” breaks don’t worry, your Developer will fix it! Just be nice to your Developer! 😊

Now, the next time you sin or do something wrong remember your faith is not over. It just requires an adjustment and this adjustment is in the way your think and respond to Him. Have confidence in Him, He knows what He is doing and in the end He will make sure you have exactly what you desired and asked for.


Keep the faith! 😊





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