Burning Bushes!

The kingdom of heaven is full of magical burning bushes! 😊 I hope you have wonderful enchanting encounters with the Lord as you spend time getting to know Him too.

I had an experience with the Lord last week. As I sat and just contemplated life (I was not particularly praying or reading the Word), being thankful for the wonder of who He is and all the awesome revelations He shares with me that I became aware of a burning bush. Suddenly I saw hundreds of burning bushes everywhere and they were all calling my name. I did not know which one to go to first as joy and excitement flooded my soul.

I heard the Lord chuckle. He puts so much glory before you and then waits for you to decide which one you are going to go and look at. Every burning bush represented a revelation that He is waiting to share with me – but which one am I going to take …

But there is more. The Lord spoke to me about each bush, which is a revelation of Him and His kingdom, being a tree of life. He is the WORD of GOD and every revelation He shares is a thought that contains His life. Thoughts or thought patterns look like trees in your brain (medical fact, you can look it up). When your mind is consumed with thinking about the wonder of who He is then “trees” begin to grow. When these “trees” are about Him and His kingdom they catch fire and burn with wonder, glory, and joy. They are not scary, but they are holy and enchanting and change you inwardly.

These burning bushes are truly magical and spell binding. I do not think there is a better word to describe the visions, heavenly dreams, and feelings that the Lord arouses within you when you allow Him to enchant you! There is a mystery in Him which causes you to want more and more of Him. I love my burning bushes. Mostly they leave me with more questions than answers and examining any of those bushes leads me down a “rabbit hole” into the wonder of His glory and grace.

My prayer for you is that the Lord lights up your soul with His magical burning bushes. May the revelation of Jesus Christ continue to burn in your soul as you pursue your intimate relationship with Him. I pray that the mystical fire of the Holy Spirit consumes you to such a degree that you are completely undone in His overwhelming love. May the Lord absolutely turn your life upside down so that you can see the right side up!

And then, remember, He is just as enchanted by you as you are by Him! You are His passion and His delight.

You are a tree of life, a burning bush, in His kingdom and I pray that you burn with Holy Fire and delight!


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