Christianity in a Nutshell

Christianity is not just an idea, an alternate religion, a set of rules and regulations or a box you tick on a form. It is a living, active, exciting and fascinating life with the Creator of the universe who happens to be your Father. It is an interactive life seeped in constant communication with the Lord of Heaven.

Prayer, which is the doorway into visiting with your Father in heaven, should be the most exciting thing in your life. It is all about loving the Lord and having a joyful time in His presence. Before you ever deal with the “stuff” in your life, the needs of others, the nation or the devil, you need to be interacting with the Lord and His kingdom. His kingdom, or the realm of heaven, is a real kingdom with real beings and real things that are alive and exciting and waiting to interact with you.

God is waiting to interact with you. He is waiting to do some stuff with you and He opened the way for you to do so through Jesus. All you need to do is come.

Here is the key to enchanting prayer – you must bring your mind and imagination into His presence with you. When you engage your thoughts and imagination with Him it will connect to your emotions and begin to change you. Even when you pray in the spirit (other tongues), focus your thoughts and imagination on what you are doing. The Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you into His presence. When He does and you start imagining (called “seeing”) things allow yourself to enjoy it.

Begin with simple thanksgiving and praise while you focus your mind on Him. When you address Him, see Him, and imagine being in front of Him. How would you behave if you were really there in His presence? If you imagine bowing down at His feet, then do it. Get down on your knees and do what you imagine yourself doing. Do it by faith. You may not feel anything, you may feel out of place or you may feel overwhelmed or joyful. It does not matter, what matters is that you connect with the Lord in your thoughts. If you see yourself shouting and jumping for joy, then do it. If you feel stupid, so what. It is not about how you feel, it is about honouring Him. You have to start somewhere.

Sing, dance, lay on your face, kneel, shout, cry. These are expressions that bring glory to the Lord. Keep your thoughts pure and free from evil. If your thoughts become evil or negative, take them to the cross and get forgiven. Let the blood cleanse you and then go back into the presence of the Lord. Keep doing this. The more you do it the easier it becomes and the more your intimacy with the Lord grows.

And then believe. Believe that those things you see are real. Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you and to guide you into all truth. He has more power to lead you into righteousness and the kingdom of God than the devil does to deceive you.

Enjoy your journey with the Lord and don’t be anxious about anything. This is what being a Christian is all about.

The grace of the Lord be with you.


Scripture References:

Hebrews 3:1


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