Today I am going to pause Pergamum and share a chat I have had with Lilian in Nairobi. She had some questions concerning the last blog so I thought there would probably be others with the same questions. Lilian has agreed to me sharing. This will be a longer blog than usual as I answered more than one question.

I hope this conversation encourages you too.

Lilian: “Wow. I got confused along the way. I will read this a second and may be a third time for it to sink into my spirit.”

Me: “Please let me know what was confusing so that I can clarify. If you have confusion, chances are others do to. This will greatly assist me.

And thank you so much for communicating with me 😊”

Lilian: “Many thanks for writing back to me. That is very kind of you.

Am based in Nairobi, Kenya. From the day i saw your post on Facebook and subscribed, I have been reading each and every article, I have also gone back to the blog and i have started reading earlier messages which you had posted before I subscribed. I make notes when i read your articles and they have blessed me richly. That is how serious and important you are to me.

On this particular article, I got confused with this:

If God calls us holy then we have no right to call someone that belongs to Him as unholy, in spite of their outward weaknesses. Jesus is calling our attention away from sin and into righteousness, not the other way around. You do not become righteous because you do not sin. You are righteous, holy, and justified before God because you are born of Him and in Him there is no sin! You are NOW fully righteous in Christ.

My question is Do you mean to say if am saved, I can still continue to steal, lie, be drunkard, be immoral etc and God has no problem with it? And I will still make it to heaven?”

ME: “Yes because God does not grade sin neither will He judge us for sin. He did not qualify our salvation based on whether we will ever sin again or not. This is hard for our logical and judgmental minds to comprehend. The Bible says that because of Adam ALL die, not because you never sinned but because you were born through the lineage of Adam. You die, sinning or not. Then came Jesus, and the whole point of His death on the cross was to forgive all sin, for all time, for everyone, forever.

On the cross He cried out, “Father forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing!” Guess what, the Father did. This was Jesus last “will and testament” which He signed in His own blood. Then he died and rose again. Today He is alive to shout in sins face that humanity is forgiven. God is no longer judging people for sin. All sin has been judged and Satan, not humanity, has been found guilty. This is an amazing gospel. Forgiveness, which is God’s absolute love in demonstration, is eternally more powerful against the powers of darkness than any other force out there. From God’s viewpoint all sin has been forgiven, yours, mine, and everyone else on the planet.

Scripture calls Satan the accuser, or the judge and punisher, of humanity. And he has used the voice of religion very effectively to keep his judgment and punishment upon humanity intact. He keeps us so busy judging one another for sin that Jesus has already forgiven. It is our judgment upon one another and humanity that give Satan the power he needs to steal, to kill, and to destroy. For as long as he can keep us blaming and condemning others, which includes blaming God for all the problems in the world, Satan will continue to rule.

Jesus qualifies anyone that believes in Him to become a child of God. At the point of salvation, a miracle takes place within the person and they are “born again or born from above.” Just like children don’t know how to tell right from wrong, new believers (and even old ones) now have to learn the difference between right and wrong from their Father’s perspective. Some children are just more obedient and respectful, but that does not make the disobedient and disrespectful any less His child. We were all wicked sinners before we accepted His forgiveness and we are all saint after we accept His forgiveness.

He is God and this was His choice and His will. How great and awesome is He!

Now, forgiveness does not mean that there are no consequences to our sinful behaviour. There are huge consequences because sin “invokes” the power of death. Sin gives Satan legal rights to devour you, whether you are a believer in Jesus or not. Satan does not care whether you believe in him or God, he knows his rights and will do whatever he can to destroy every and any human being, especially those of the family of God.

Is God okay with us sinning and doing whatever we want? No. But this is not because we sinned but because of the legal right our own choice has granted Satan to continue his diabolical work of death within us. God will not ever violate someone’s choice. We were created with this freedom to choose and this remains our right forever. Even submitting to God and loving Him is your choice.

Finally, remaining in a sinful state in your mind and body and never coming into the knowledge and life of holiness will destroy your eternal inheritance. This I will be dealing with more in upcoming blogs. Sadly, most believers have no clue about their eternal inheritance and like Esau and the prodigal son, they take their inheritance and squander it on sin and the things of this world. They will make to heaven, but their inheritance has gone. But regardless of them squandering their inheritance they are still the Father’s beloved son or daughter.

This love of God is so high and so great. It is also why Jesus encourages us to become heavenly or eternally minded. He calls you to look upon Him and gaze steadily at Him until you are overwhelmed with His love for you. Only once you really understand how much He loves you will you be able to look past the faults and failures of your brothers and sisters and like Jesus, cry out from your heart, “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” When we all love one another as He loves us, the world will know that we are His disciples.

I encourage you to seek the higher realm, the higher kingdom, your Father’s kingdom. 😊 You are on a good road.  Don’t behold the sins of our brothers and sisters. Look towards heaven and follow Him upwards into the high calling that He has set for you in the heavens. Deal with the sins and judgments of your own heart and mind until you are free and can think like Him. Ask for His wisdom and guidance for love, demonstrated in forgiveness, is the greatest power of all.

Read Romans 7-8 in the Passion translation if you have it. if not let me know and I will copy and paste it for you.”

Lilian: On another topic, i pray one day you will get to share with us your revelation on TITHING. A friend once told me that tithing of 10% is not a requirement under the grace since it was under the law and that God is more concerned with things like supporting widows, orphans etc. So, I stopped tithing.”

Me: “As for tithing I agree with your friend and that it is not a law under grace as it was under the law of Moses. We are no longer under that law. Under grace you choose how much and where you want to give, but giving is very important, especially when it comes to financial prosperity.

I got saved at the age of sixteen and have now been a tither for 40 years. I am a firm believer in tithing but not from a “religious” perspective. The principal of giving to the poor, the widows, the orphans, and those that minister the word to you are gateways to financial increase and the world – the rich – use these principals all the time. I am a businesswoman and understand the principals of giving.

But the highest reward in giving is that it honours the Lord.

I have chosen the tithe as my bottom line and take great joy in giving it to Him. I do more than that, but it is always out of my own choice and I decided when and where to give. I do not subscribe to the financial hype that goes on in church. If you belong to a church and you fellowship there and they minister well to you, then it is your responsibility before God to give. You choose but make your choice according to what you feel is good. Remember, they rely on the generosity of their member to stay alive. To eat at a restaurant and not pay the bill is a sin.

I split my giving up between the church, the poor, the orphans and widows. My husband and I purposefully look at where we want to give and for how much. This we presented to the Lord and this is what we do every month. And business is booming.

Then, and only if prompted by the Lord, we will give over and above that.”

Lilian: “Thanks so much for your well-articulated answers especially on giving/tithing. I will now take the right direction in giving. I agree you cannot eat in a restaurant and leave without paying. Now that you are among the ministries I eat from, kindly necessitate online payment platform like PayPal so that some of us can use it to support your ministry. I checked today in the blog, but it was not there, only a bank account for those who are in your country.

Another question is there a probability that a saved Christian (someone who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour) can end up in hell when his/her life here on earth is over. Kindly give me examples of such Christians or how they have lived their lives to end in hell so that I don`t hope for heaven and I end up in hell. Better I change than being sorry on that day.”

Me: “Last question first. Is it possible for a born-again Christian to go to hell? NO! but now let me quantify that. A I said earlier, sin, and God defines anything that is not of FAITH as sin, and we all have lots of unbelief issues in our hearts to deal with. None of us are walking in the complete faith that Jesus walked in. We are learning and growing up in our faith as we deal with unbelief.

There is a sin that can cause a believer to go to hell, however, this does not happen easily. Just as you cannot become a child of God except through faith in Him, you cannot become “unsaved” except through a conscious decision to deny Jesus Christ as your Saviour. We all have a struggle against the lies of Satan that cause us to fall into unbelief, but this does not mean we have stopped believing in Jesus Christ and who He is as God. The qualification for salvation is to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and to believe that God raised Him from the dead. End of story. And only God knows the heart and what a person truly believes. Only God knows who His true sons and daughters are. There are many good “Christians” in the church but not all of them are born again, depends on what they believe in their hearts. In the same way there are many bad Christians in the church but in all their mess they still believe in Him. God has not given us the right to judge who is and who is not saved based upon their outward behaviour. We are all facing the same enemy, and some are strong in some areas and others are weak. But God will sift who is who, not us.

There are two types of “Christians” who end up in hell. Those who called themselves Christians but never actually believed, they were only Christians by religion, just like Muslim, Buddhist, etc, and those who have blatantly told God to go the hell. Very few truly born-again sons and daughters ever get to that point. I also believe this is only applicable to those believers who have tasted of the age to come (Heb 6). Do you even know what that means? If not, then you do not fall into that category.

If you spend your life learning to love the Lord and walk in forgiveness and kindness toward others you are doing well and have nothing to fear. You will not end up in hell, I promise you, even if you have or will commit a very serious sin! Besides, Jesus said He never loses those that belong to Him, so you are very, very, safe! 😊

Secondly, I am going to set up a payment thing but not just yet. I have a business project that the Lord has told me to get finished because I’m procrastinating! Thereafter, the guy that I’m working with will get God Enchantment in order.

But besides that, the greatest gift you could ever have given me you have already given. 😊 Hearing from someone whose heart my words have reached is worth more than all the money in the world. It makes my heart burst with joy and tears run down my face. I have money and it has never been able to do that for me 😊. So, thank you for your precious gift to me.

I love you 💕💞”

Lilian: “Many thanks for your guidance and revelation on this issue (a saved Christian ending up in hell) that has disturbed me for so long. Now am in the light and knowledge on the issue.

On the second request on online payment platform, I will wait, once it is set up I know I will see it in the blog and become a partner in your ministry which I have eaten from since last year and I will continue to eat from. Many blessings and more grace to you my sister.

I know from time to time I will be engaging you where Ii require more revelation and I know the Holy Spirit will guide you to guide me/us.

Thank you for your time and God bless you.”

Warm Regards,

Lilian Owino.



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  1. This is me, Lilian Owino, from Nairobi, Kenya. Am humbled and delighted that our conversation is shared in the whole world. Glory to God.

    May God use the conversation to shape the destiny of my fellow brothers and sisters that had the same questions and confusion i had.

    More grace to you my sister Yvonne. You are a true voice and vessel God is using this end-time. Looking forward to be fed more and more. God bless you.

  2. Hallo. Your blogs has been such an inspiration for me and the revelations that I got has been awesome sofar. My growth as child of God is awesome, but I am being attacked from all sides, especially my family.

    1. Hi Judith
      As hard as this is it is a great opportunity for you to grow up in the knowledge of the kingdom of heaven and to use its power. Loving those that don’t love you back is the greatest expression of power there is. This is your opportunity to learn how to go into the heavens – in your inner being – and to let the love of the Father embrace you and for you to embrace your family. This action will break the power and stongholds of the devil over your life first and then over that of your family. Step into the presence of the Father and let Him teach you how to love your enemies. Speak as many loving and kind words you can think of over them. Imagine loving them and holding them in your arms. Imagine what it would be like if you were in heaven with them where there is only love and peace. You have a wonderful opportunity to destroy the works of the devil coming against you. Arise, for you are God’s mighty champion. Love conquers all! Rejoice and be happy. Position yourself in Him and be blessed.
      Love you always!