Don’t let the devil cut your hair! 

While searching for some notes I found this little piece.  I enjoyed it so I’m going to share it with you. 

Praying in other tongues is like the activation of the Holy Spirit’s power that came upon Samson when he carried out the will of God in destroying the enemy. For as long as Samson kept his hair long, there was nothing the enemy could do to him. Praying in tongues is like keeping your hair long! 

So, when evil things come your way, evil temptations, or the cares of this world to take you away from your faith and prayer life, do not stop believing, and keep on praying in tongues. Keep your spiritual hair long so that the enemy can’t take you captive, blind you, or stop the plan of God from coming to pass in your life! 

Have a great day and “let your hair grow”! 


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  1. Thanx so much lm so happy to know there are angels still around. Be safe

  2. Thank you so much. I enjoy receiving your emails. So inspiring. Keep it up❤