Doubt Remains!

I had to smile when I read the title as it is an oxymoron. One definition for “remains” is that which is left behind once something has been destroyed, and the other being something that stays unchanged. In this blog we are dealing with the latter.

What do you do when you have spoken to your mountain and it becomes obnoxious and just stays put? Nothing you do is working for you and that monstrosity just folds its arms and refuses to move? All you hear is its unending threats that you are going to die, you are not going to make it, you are a failure, … blah, blah, blah. And no matter how you try the image of your failure or inability to succeed keeps itself front and center.

YOU CONTINUE TO OBEY THE TRUTH! Jesus said that if you command your problems or situations to do what you want they will listen. The key though is whether you BELIEVE what you say when you are speaking. Do you believe – can you see, in your mind’s eye, the end result or not? When no one is around, and no one is watching, what do you really think and feel? It is very easy to put on a front and speak positive words, but if your heart, your deep inward thoughts and feelings, are in another place or position, no amount of speaking is going to make any difference. Do you really believe, or do you question whether this stuff works; do you wonder why it’s not working; do you feel condemned or useless; do you think of yourself as a failure before God? All these things are called DOUBT and/or UNBELIEF.

Your mountain knows when you don’t believe what you are saying. And if you do not believe, it won’t move. The key, therefore, is to deal with and overcome doubt. Doubt is nothing more than the images of your doom and the feelings of fear that they bring up. All it takes is changing the images of failure to success and the feelings of fear to happiness.

Easier said than done! True, but it is a simple process. All it takes is for you to begin dreaming (thinking) about your circumstance from heaven’s perspective. Allow your mind to engage with Jesus. Imagine what Jesus would do. How would He handle this thing? Then imagine doing it yourself. Keep imagining with Jesus until your inward feelings and images have changed. Then when you are feeling happy, stand up and with boldness and authority speak to that mountain and do not stop speaking until it is done. Do it until you have the “remains” of doubt firmly in your hands!

You can do this! 😊





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