Ephesus 18

Jesus said that to those who overcome the challenges they face in their love relationship with Him, He would give the right to eat from the Tree of Life. The question we need to explore is, “What is this fruit, how do we ‘eat’ it, and what does it do once we have done so.”

God has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Jesus Christ who has called us by His own glory and goodness. (2 Pe 1:3)

When it comes to walking with the Lord in a first love relationship, it is all done through words, thoughts, imagination, and feeling. Words and thoughts produce fruit through knowledge. Everything you do and experience in this world is based on what you think, or the knowledge you have concerning something, right or wrong.

Jesus said that His words are spirit and they are life. He was imparting knowledge about Himself to His disciples through the words He spoke to them. The knowledge of who Jesus is holds the key to His words becoming spirit and life, or filled with the energetic, creative power of heaven to transform your life.

There were two trees in the garden and each of them held fruit that would reveal some sort of knowledge about other realms that Adam and Eve did not have access to until they chose to partake of them. The one, which we all know so well, has the living experience of death and decay, the other has the living experience of life and blessing. One is rooted in violence, the other in peace. One brings forth sorrow, the other joy. There is a world of difference between the experiences we have when we partake of them.

However, one will always lead to death and the other to life. Sadly, even today, the tree of the knowledge of sin and death is more attractive than godliness and life. The temptations that Adam and Eve faced in the Garden are the same that Jesus faced in the wilderness and the same that we face in our own lives. The Father still calls and says, “Choose life so that you and your children may live long, peaceful, prosperous lives.”

These same temptations and the mysterious plan that Jesus reveals to His beloved servants (children learning obedience) on how to overcome and subdue the enemy in their midst is magnificently portrayed in the Book of Revelation.

We have all tasted of the unpleasant experiences of guilt and condemnation that come because of committing sin. The fruit of sin is the torment of your mind and emotions because of your actions. And no matter how sorry you may feel there will be no release from the temptation and its accompanying feelings, until you go and eat from the Tree of Life.

In Revelation 22 Jesus reveals that there are twelve fruits on the Tree of Life and each of these produce a new crop each month. Also, its leaves are for the healing of the nations. Each of these fruits have to do with a revelation of who Jesus is. We eat it when we choose to live life in righteousness, joy and peace and then our lives will be the leaves that bring healing to the nations.

There are twelve revelations I see about Jesus in Revelation chapter one and I think these are the twelve fruits on the tree. As we begin to experience these truths as living realities in our lives, we will transform this world. These fruits or revelations that I see are:

  1. He holds the seven stars in His right hand
  2. He walks among the seven lampstands
  3. He is the First and the Last
  4. He is the One who died and came to life again
  5. He has the sharp, two-edged sword
  6. He is the son of God
  7. His eyes blaze like fire and His feet glow like burnished bronze
  8. He is holy and true
  9. What He opens no one can shut and what He shuts no one can open
  10. He is the AMEN
  11. He is the faithful and true witness
  12. He is the Ruler over all God’s creation

Within each of these revelations lie the power to overcome the enemy and each one of them linked to the eternal rewards that He is bringing with Him when He returns. He will reward you according to the degree to which you gave your life to Him through a beautiful godly life, engaged and entangled in loving thoughts and feelings between Him and you.

I don not believe this is the only interpretation to the fruits, however, I see these in keeping with the Revelation that Jesus shares in the beginning, because He is the beginning and the end.

Eat some fruit! 🥗


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  1. Amen I choose Life not today NOW!!!
    Thank you Yvonne when I don’t start my day with your script – my whole day feel upside down