Ephesus 2

In Jesus’ first letter to His Church He calls her His darling! 💌💞

One thing to remember when it comes to the Lord’s relationship with you is that it has NOTHING to do with your gender. Marriage is used as a metaphor by the Lord to give you an understanding of how much He loves you and how much He is willing to give all that He has for you. He uses the principal of marriage to explain how your relationship with Him works. He is the one who leads, guides, protects, and provides His life and love for you and you respond by your adoration, affection and submission to His desires.

The word Ephesus means, “My darling,” which is an endearing term of affection between to people. If you are a man, Jesus calling you My darling may just not do it for you! But, if He came and called you My champion or Buddy, it would give a different identity and acceptance to you. As a woman, I have no problem with Jesus calling me His darling. He will choose words that are meaningful to you as either a man or a woman, which would cause you to feel loved and accepted by Him.

Dave and I have our own terms of endearment for one another that defines our relationship with each other and makes it unique. In the same way, as you develop a relationship with God, terms of endearment between you will become personal and special. These words will solidify the intimacy of your relationship with Him, which is the first and highest calling that Jesus spoke to the Ephesians about.

It’s called, “first love!”

Terms of endearment are set up when you first fall in love. They show who is who in the relationship and stir up emotions of love, joy, and peace. There is so much desire and excitement about being with the person you have fallen in love with. Love letters, love notes, coffee, dinner dates, Whats App’s, etc., all form part of the excitement and joy of the relationship. This is how Jesus wants His relationship with you to be. To Him there is nothing higher, greater, or more important than the two of you being “madly in love” with each other.

Do you have expressions of endearment between you and the Lord? Do you take walks together, have fireside chats, or work on projects together? If you do, I encourage you to strengthen your intimacy with Him. If not, please stop everything else you are doing for Him and use that time to build your personal, endearing, relationship with Him.

Scripture References: Rev 2; Eph 5:22-30;

He is calling you …


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