Ephesus 5

The Lord has His eye on you! 😊

We live in a religious world where preachers and well-meaning Christians are so quick to jump on us when we make a mistake, or our lives don’t measure up to their standards of holiness. Thankfully, the Lord is not like this. He notices the good things you do for others because you are conscious of Him. He knows your heart and does not judge you by your external or physical circumstances.

When Jesus comes to the dinner table after a hard day’s work, He does not begin a conversation by correcting all your mistakes. He comes to chat to you about all the good things you achieved and how pleased He is with you. He is not a harsh fault finder!

I am going to give you a new name today and that is Hagios. Hagios is the Greek name for saint and we are the Lord’s saints. The word saint means a most holy one; sacred, physically pure, morally blameless and ceremonially consecrated. When Jesus talks to you, He names you as a saint and not a sinner. Therefore, your new name is Hagios!

A conversation with the Lord and Hagios, goes something like this.

“Hi Hagios, 🤗😘 you know I watched everything you did today and some of the things you did were really awesome! Thanks for giving Aunty May some food today and the encouraging Whats App message you sent to Sam.”

“Hi Lord, 🤗🤗 I’m glad to be home and that we can spend some time together. Did you see how Miss X attacked me because I made a stand against stealing today? It caused such an argument in the office and I could not believe how many people thought it was okay to steal!”

“I saw, and I am so proud of you because you persisted in presenting the truth regardless of the nasty things others had to say about you.” “Remember, I am in you and you are in Me. We are always together, and I am always watching over you.” 😎

“And did you hear Apostle Z accuse You for the floods and death of those people in KZN! How can he call himself an apostle of Yours and then turn around and accuse you of murder! That really got under my skin! I do not understand how preachers can teach that you are a loving, caring, protecting God in one breath and then accuse You of being an unkind, judgmental, murderous thief in the next. They obviously don’t know You!” 😡😖

“No, they don’t. And it hurts when they do this because I see how it destroys the faith of my saints. Instead of lifting them up in my love, they trample them under their feet through their lies and hypocrisy. However, your love and defense of My honour makes my heart want to explode! I know you have endured some really tough times in your life and yet you have always kept your faith in Me. This is so precious to Me! By the way, I put something special in your treasure box today.” 💝

“Thank you, Lord. I love working for You and Your kingdom! It gives me great pleasure.”

“I’m glad but I see you didn’t make it for our coffee date again today. You have not kept many of our planned coffee dates for a while now. You’re always too busy and often you don’t even let me know that you are not coming. Often you postpone our get together and then never reschedule. I really miss the way you used to love getting together with Me and how the time between our meetings seemed to take forever! I have wanted to take you to much higher and greater places, but you are never available. I end up having to take the blessings I brought for you back with Me. I fear that your passion for Me is dying and that soon I will not be able to share my thoughts and desires with you anymore.

You never allowed the work you do for Me to get in the way of just being with Me and having fun with Me. Now you are so busy with life that I don’t get to see you. If you would come back to loving me like you did when we first met I would be able to take you to heaven with Me and treat you to all the wonderful treasures I have in My Father’s kingdom. But I cannot take you there until you change your affections for the work of My kingdom for the love of Me. I treasure our coffee dates above any work requirements. Work can wait. Love and good times together can’t!” ☕🍰

“I’m sorry Lord. I will make changes to my schedule so that I never forget our dates again nor let anyone else get between us. You may have to help me and remind me, but my heart is for You and I want to be with You.”

“I must say, though, I am glad you hate the teachings of the Nicolaitans as much as I do. I can’t stand it when someone else thinks you are ‘their sheep.’ You belong to Me and Me alone. How dare anyone else think they have any rights to you! Never submit yourself to the dictates of a man or woman unless they are pointing you towards Me and My lordship over you.”

“It’s hard sometimes to make this kind of a stand, Lord, when so many people love being called by the special titles which they have inferred upon themselves.”

“Listen, when we get together on our next dates, I am going to take you to the Tree of Life and let you eat its fruit. It’s going to blow your mind. Did I tell you that I would have to take you to heaven to do this? Listen carefully to the Holy Spirit’s whisper when He comes to remind you about our coffee date! 😊😎😍🤩”

One of the biggest challenges we face in life as believers is setting time aside to sit and fellowship with the Lord. Fellowship is different to prayer and petition. Prayer, petitions and worship are important, but they involve kingdom business. Fellowship happens when the work of the kingdom is done for the day and it’s time to sit and chat to the Lord. Fellowship means no phones, no laptops, no iPad’s, no people, no Bible reading. It means sitting quietly by yourself and focusing on the presence of the Lord within you. It is a time of quieting your thoughts from the activities of life and seeking His face. It involves staying in His presence until you see Him appear in your mind and you let Him talk to you, teach you things about Himself and His kingdom and ultimately to allow Him to take you on a “magic carpet ride.”

First love is your passionate desire to have intimate and joyful experiences with Him in His kingdom.

Have a “magical” day!


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  1. This was so close to home – almost too real! (It’s amazing how a different version can bring scripture to light)!

  2. Good morning. What happened to Ephesus 6? I came back to share with someone and it was gone. Please can you repost. It’s beautiful, just like everything else you post.