Ephesus 7

First love, which the Lord wants, is what you express towards Him in your soul/mind – your thoughts, imagination, emotions, and will, among others. First love is an internal relationship where your soul engages with the hopes, and dreams, and desires of the One you love. These loving actions express themselves in your mind where you see, hear, touch, taste and smell Him in the invisible world of your heart.

As you develop your first love relationship with the Lord, He will elevate you to the highest position in heaven, which is to sit with Him on His throne. Notice, Jesus warns the Ephesians, and us, that when we forsake our internal love relationship with Him, that we fall from our position of power and authority.

To fall from your position of power and authority in Christ requires you to subject yourself to the dictates, opinions and desires of the flesh, or your earthly, temporal nature. You operate in the works of the flesh when you identify yourself in your thoughts, imagination, and emotions, with the things you experience in this world. These can be both “good” and “evil.” The works of the flesh take your thoughts and affection away from Jesus. When you lose your affection, or first love for the Lord you lose your true identity as a new creation in Christ Jesus.

The works of the flesh express themselves through sexual immorality, lustful thoughts, pornography, chasing after things instead of God, manipulating others, hatred of those who get in your way, senseless arguments, resentment when others are favoured, temper tantrums, angry quarrels, only thinking of yourself, being in love with your own opinions, being envious of the blessings of others, murder, uncontrolled addictions, wild parties, and all other similar behaviour.

If you yield your life and freedom for these things you will not inherit the kingdom of God, meaning you will forfeit the eternal positions of power and authority Jesus has for you. This is Jesus’ warning to His Church and to you as an individual. The GREAT tribulations of your life are the works of the flesh that war against your relationship with Jesus. Jesus wrote the Book of Revelation to reveal Himself to you as He is in heaven first. First love originates in Him, is kept by Him, and is rewarded by Him. In revealing who He is He also reveals who you are, for as He is in heaven now, so are you. You look like Him. As a new creation you are made in His image and likeness – not as that of a man, but as God in heaven. Yes, you look like, feel like, smell like, taste like and sound like God in heaven!

You’re His kid!

When you know who He is, and who you are as a heavenly being, and your purpose in heaven and on earth, you will overcome the enemy of your soul. You will find yourself moving between heaven and earth. You will fulfill your heavenly calling which is to restore all things back to God through the ministry of God’s reconciliation between Him and humanity.

In the Book of Revelation Jesus reveals the things of heaven, the things taking place in the heavenlies (in your mind) and the final outcome on earth itself. He teaches you how to set up His kingdom in your mind and body so that you can effectively rule over the works of darkness. As you overcome the varying forms of tribulation, He rewards you with the eternal inheritance that He has laid up for you in heaven. These rewards will become your experience both in this life and in the one to come.

I pray that you do not miss your appointed time and function as one of His beloved saints here on earth. You are mighty and you are powerful. You are unique and have a divine purpose. Your divine purpose is found in your first love relationship with Him. Everything else you do should flow from there because you will be firmly seated upon His throne with Him.

Scripture Reference: Rev 2; Gal 5:19-23 (TPT)


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