Here I am! I stand at the door and knock! Are you aware that Jesus stands at the door of your heart and mind and knocks, waiting for you to let Him in?

Everything God does with you is internal. The doors and gates the Bible talks about are within you. You will find them in your thinking patterns, your feelings, and beliefs. Regardless of where they are or what they look like, you are the one that determines what is and what is not allowed in you. Jesus can only get involved in your world to the degree that you allow your thoughts, feelings and beliefs to be submitted to Him.

Opening the door to Him is simply allowing His thoughts, feelings and teachings to take precedence over your own. When you willingly subject yourself, that is the way you think, feel and act, to be obedient to Him, that He is able to come in and talk to you face to face. He is not going to force Himself upon you. He will always wait for your invitation.

The Lord coming in and eating with you is about you spending time with Him and the two of you having conversation around food. In this case the food is His Word. When you invite Him in to teach you and instruct you in His ways and then live accordingly, you become greatly prized and valuable to His eternal plans.

It is not natural to submit your thoughts and opinions to those of Jesus. We often challenge Him to submit to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, however, He does not do that. There is no contest here. He is not moving neither is He going to change His mind. It is you who has to change. You are the one that needs to move towards Him and submit yourself to Him. That means there will be times when you will have to stand alone in the face of others who think you are a fool for believing that which Jesus says. Persecution is tough, but to those who overcome the temptation to fall in line with the opinions of their persecutors for comfort and security, He will reward with the highest of all His rewards.

If you overcome the desire to conform to the opinions, beliefs and systems of this world, He will reward you with a place to sit with Him on His throne. This is the highest place of honour in the Father’s kingdom. It is a reward that is well worth sacrificing the world for. There is nothing more majestic and rewarding to be appointed to the highest places or position in Him. This is an eternal reward and no one and nothing will ever be able to remove you from it.

I pray that this little series has blessed you and that you find your way to the eternal wealth in fellowship with Him, to be trained in the way of righteousness and to navigate the things of heaven while you wait for His glorious appearing. May your life be filled with His glory and may you be strong and courageous in the face of any opposition to your faith.

To God be the glory, both now and forever, AMEN!





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