Every Day!

Every day is a day to give thanks!

Every day is a day to give praise!

To those who have eyes to see and ears to hear they will see that every day is filled with goodness, and mercy, and love. They will hear the voice of blessing, hope, and good things to come.

No matter how their circumstances appear or the din of voices that fill the air, those that look to the Lord will mount up on the wings of His grace to where they can see far and wide and hear the voice of the Spirit upon the wind. They will see the end from the beginning and be able to separate the truth from the lie.

They will not be moved in times of trouble, for the Lord has become their strength and wisdom. They will fill the earth with the knowledge of His glory through the gospel of grace and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to ALL men.

They will see where the wind of the Spirit is blowing, they will hear what He is saying to the churches. They will not be moved by the persecutions and afflictions of this world. They are the willing martyrs of the Lord, laying their lives down for the glory of their King. They understand the power of His blood, hold the testimony of Jesus in their hearts and offer their lives to him as a sacrifice.

These are the Lord’s renown. They will receive the victors crown and sit with him on His Father’s throne. They are the pillars in His temple and the beautiful upon which He will write His name. Never will they leave His presence, never will they suffer loss. They are the Lord’s renown, His treasure, His delight.

Come on up, come on in. Come dine with the King in His Father’s presence. His invitation goes out to all. Will you respond? Will you join Him at his banqueting table? Will you host His presence in your heart and join Him in His endeavours?

For those who do there will be treasures untold, life unimagined, and joy forevermore. Mysteries and secrets reserved in heaven will become their constant delight.

I hope that you are one of His renowned! 🤴👸





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