Expensive Pearls

Jesus said that His kingdom is like hunting for expensive pearls. He is obviously not talking about real pearls but is using them as an example of the attitude of someone that seeks His kingdom.

In heaven the twelve gates into the City are each made from a single pearl. (Rather big pearls!) What is it about pearls that makes them so precious and something Jesus is so pleased with? A pearl is a treasure and He tell us to store up treasures in heaven. So, where do we find these pearls and how do we get them, if they are not the physical pearls we wear?

Pearls are produced when an oyster is irritated. Therefore, if you are to produce and find pearls you will need to have some things that irritate you! Now, I am sure you have plenty of irritating people and things around you that are just so pleasing and delightful! The question is, how many of these “irritations” have you thrown out of your heart and life. An oyster does not get rid of the irritation but begins to coat it with nacre. It keeps doing this until a beautifully smooth pearl is produced which is unequal to any other precious stone.

When you have an irritant in your life do not try to get rid of it. It is your opportunity to secrete the holiest and most lovely substance of all. It is called LOVE. When you love the person or thing that irritates you, it will form in you the most rare and beautiful treasure that will remain with you forever, and be an object of beauty that eternity will admire.

Be a happy oyster! 😊





Scripture reference: Revelation 21:21; Matthew 13:45

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