Fear Attack!!

Have you ever had a fear attack? Have you felt the sudden terror that grips you and causes panic, heart palpitations, tremors, shivers and other sensations in your body? At some time in our life we have all faced some form of fear attack.

Fear presents itself in many forms, sometimes it is open and aggressive, like a hijacking, or hearing the doctor say you have cancer, and sometimes it is very subtle, like stress and anxiety. Either way, a fear attack is not pleasant and in some cases, can be quite debilitating. The thing is, how do you deal with fear? When you are under attack you need to respond and how you chose to respond will make all the difference.

When fear attacks you, you need to attack back. And this does not mean shouting and screaming or losing it in some way or another, but rather by quietly taking a deep breath, calming your thoughts and bringing them (your thoughts) into a conversation with Jesus. As your mind becomes filled with His presence He restores peace to you and His peace in your heart and mind will destroy the fear that is attacking you. Fear is more afraid of the presence of your God and your Father than you are of it.

There is no situation or circumstance in this life that you need to fear. In everything your God and Father are with you and they are for you. You are not alone and you do not fight alone. As you retreat into their presence, their army – the angels – go to war against your enemy for you. Your place is to sit in quietness and trust in your Father’s presence and to let yourself be loved by Him.

Therefore, let God trouble the trouble that’s troubling you! 😊

Have a blessed day!





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