Feasting with Jesus!

Once you have accepted the reality that God loves you and have established it firmly within your mind and heart, dealing with sin becomes easy.

Sin is a fact in our lives and it is something we need to deal with, especially if we desire and inheritance from the Lord. If you read Jesus’ messages to His church in Revelation 2 and 3 you will see that there is tremendous reward that awaits those who overcome the worldly issues they face. This includes you.

However, before Jesus ever dealt with the issues facing His various churches (they are ALL His church) He first reveals who He is to them. Then He deals with the issues (if there are any), and then shares the reward that awaits those who overcome. Never does He expect them to overcome without His presence and without Him first revealing who He is to them.

It is the same with you. Before Jesus ever comes to deal with you about your sin issues, He wants to reveal Himself. He did not come and say, “Once you have dealt with your sin you will find out who I am!” He knows that without you having a personal relationship with Him first you will NEVER be able to overcome sin.

Many of us know Psalm 23 and in it Jesus says that He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. In the midst of your struggle with sin and other challenges in life, Jesus comes and invites you to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with Him. He makes sin and other issues step back and watch you having a feast with Him, paying no attention to your “issues.”

Jesus is inviting you to come and feast at His table and to stop stressing about the problems in your life. While you are feasting with Him, He will reveal things about Himself and His kingdom to you and then, not always, He will talk to you about how to overcome the issues that are harassing you. I say that He does not always address a problem when you come to Him because He is not concerned about it and would like to lead your thoughts away from it and to just enjoy His company instead.

Christianity is simply about learning to live with Jesus in His kingdom. He has given you eternal life and it is glorious. You are His delight, His joy and His prized possession. Step back from all the problems, great and small, and have a feast with the Lord. Feasting means to take some time out to just sit in His presence, to focus your thoughts on Him and to meditate on His Word. It does not require talking, being fervent in prayer or any intense physical warfare!

Just close your eyes and let your thoughts begin looking for Him. Pray quietly in the spirit and softly worship Him. Relax. He is with you. As you spend this time just being quiet let His love wash over your heart and soul. Don’t focus on your problems, you do not need to be praying over them all the time neither do you always need to feel as though you need to fast or do some other “thing” to get an answer.

Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you. What does He want to share with you? Ask Him questions. Don’t expect Him to come right in and deal with your faults, because to Him you are faultless! Once He has separated you from what you think are your “sins” He will begin showing you have to deal with your “enemies.”

Over this holy-days season, take time to just sit and enjoy the Lord. Tomorrow will take care of itself. All that matters is today! 😊

In His love


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