Feeling Loved!

When you hear the words, “Jesus loves you!” how does that make you feel? Do you feel anything at all?

So many times, we hear the words, “Jesus loves you” but in reality, it is often nothing more than a nice Christian saying. Like many Scriptures, because they have never been anything that we have experienced in the depth of our own heart, they remain nothing more that nice Christian sayings. This, however, is not the plan that God has. His plan is that we have wonderful, extraordinary, enchanting encounters with Him.

Encounters with God happen in your imagination and touches your feelings! It is when we begin to “feel” His love and the whisper of His beautiful voice that we are changed. No encounter with God will leave you the same. Every encounter is designed to bring you closer to Him. True, you will not always want to go and be alone with Him, but that does not matter. Whenever you do choose to do so He is waiting with great joy and expectation!

“Jesus loves you!” is a real, tangible experience!

If you have ever heard the expression, “we walk by faith and not by what we feel,” I would like you to discard it. Firstly, the Bible does not say that! This sort of belief will block any kind of personal and intimate experience with the Lord.

The truth is that WORDS CREATE FEELINGS!

We often get overrun with negative and fearful feelings and the world has all kinds of answers to “our problems.” Our problem though, is that we are not allowing our feelings to connect with God. Godly feelings will change you – and they can be just as addictive as negative feelings!

The more of God’s love you encounter, the more you will want it!

Faith, when it is operating correctly, burns with the fire of love. Faith works, or is activated, by love, and this is not through YOUR love it is through HIS love for you. When His love begins to envelop you, you will love others, even those who are making trouble in your life! There is no force or power on earth that can compete with God’s love for you, and if you will allow yourself to be trained by the love God has for you, you will move mountains.

When you start allowing your faith in God’s Word to move you and you start interacting with it, it will produce powerful emotions within you and your love, desire, and intimacy with Him will go through the roof! These emotions, which will be feelings of love, joy, peace, contentment, hope, freedom, etc, will cause your faith in Him to soar.

I encourage you to interact with the Words of the Lord in your imagination until they start becoming filled with life and you fall madly in love with Him.

Jesus loves you.





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