Forever Purified!

Have you ever wondered what the central theme of the cross is all about? Why did Jesus have to die? What does His death mean to you, to me and the rest of the world? Like the planets revolve around the sun everything in life revolves around this one central point, which is this …

After He had made provision for the purification of sin …”

Everything in Christ comes AFTER this fact, that He made provision for our purification from sin, once and for all time. Of all the skills that you need to learn as a believer in Christ, the knowledge of this truth is the greatest and the pivotal point around which everything else revolves.

It is the light that lights up your path. It is the warmth of His embrace. It is the power of His love.

Many times, when we (preachers and saints alike) talk about God’s provision our thoughts and imagination immediately move towards the possession of material stuff, be it money, a home, a car, clothes, food, a job, etc.

However, when God talks about provision His first thought is about forgiving you so that He can love you.

Your purification from sin is a far greater provision and a much greater need than anything imaginable here on earth for without it you will NEVER have access to the Father or the kingdom of heaven. Sadly, we are more often concerned with our material and physical needs, wants and desires than we are of our need for forgiveness. When we come asking for stuff how often do we first go and give thanks for the greatest of all provisions, our purification from sin and its effects.

It cost Jesus His life on the cross and the shedding of His blood for you to be forgiven. How great, how special and how precious are you to the Lord. How much value and worth do you suppose you have for Him to redeem (purchase) you? How great a price was on your head? And He provided His life so that you could be forgiven.

Never forget how great a price Jesus paid to have you as His very own beloved. You are infinitely more valuable than everything this world has to offer.

Scripture Reference: Hebrews 1:3

Forgiven, Forever! 😊





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