Have you ever looked at the night sky and wondered what it would be like to see the galaxies with your own eyes? We see the most awe-inspiring images of the universe, but what would it be like if we could behold these with our own eyes?

I think about these things. The heavens are fascinating, yet what we see is so terribly limited. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fly into them and see them in all their beauty and splendour? But, for the most part, all we see are the stars pinned on a on a mysterious black blanket.

Have you noticed that understanding God is sort of the same? Have you ever read the Bible and wondered what it means? Have you experienced the wonderful glimpses of light that appear in its pages, often against the rest that still remains a mystery? Have you ever considered some of the “out of this world” experiences contained in it and wondered what it would be like to see and experience what they did?

But here is the good news. While the mysteries of the galaxies may remain a mystery until some future time, the mysteries that are hidden within the pages of the Bible are there for exploration. These mysteries are contained in the Lord Himself and as you turn your face towards Him, He will begin to unravel His secrets to you.

There is no galaxy, no universe, no other creation, that could ever compare to the wonder and the beauty of that which the Lord reveals about Himself to you in your own heart. When you encounter His magnificence and glory, all other glory fades away. It is into this glory, this majesty, this wonder, and awe-inspiring beauty that the Lord is calling you.

He is the door through which you can enter into the Father’s glorious presence and it is open to you whenever you want to enter. He will never deny you access for you are His beloved. You are His child, redeemed by His blood, made holy and righteous. All you have to do is acknowledge Him and He will in turn acknowledge you before the Father.

Notice though, it is acknowledging HIM, not yourself, that ushers you into this majesty.

When your thoughts and emotions are fully turned into and focused on Him only, you will find the door that leads into the Holy of Holies. This most holy place is within you. When you forget about who you are and become grateful for who He is and for what He has done for you, His ecstasy will begin to flood your soul and light up your life.

Magnify the Lord and exalt His holy name within your heart and mind, and before long your will find yourself entering into, and experiencing, the beauty of HIS galaxy – the realm of His Heavenly Kingdom!

Have a galactic day! ✨✨





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