Glory & Honour!

There is a beauty and glory in the way that the Holy Spirit teaches you. He is so full of love for you and cares so much about you that He will do whatever is necessary to lead you into His presence and the abundance that He has for you.

As we continue with the way the Lord deals with the church in Laodicea, notice how He has moved on from being “spitting mad” to gentle and loving. His anger lasts only for a moment, just long enough to get your attention. Then it’s back to love and peace because He is gentle and kind to all He has made – including you!

Overcoming the deception of wealth is serious to God and He wants each of us to overcome it. He never determined exactly what amount of money a person has that qualifies them as being rich, He qualified being rich as an attitude of self-sufficiency and dependence on the world’s monetary and educational belief systems, which causes us to have a half-hearted attitude towards who He is as the AMEN, God’s faithful and true witness and CREATOR.

The Holy Spirit as Counsellor comes into your presence (your conscience) to reveal the process, which is always the knowledge and wisdom of the kingdom of heaven, of how to overcome. First, He instructs us to buy from Him gold refined in the fire. Which poses the question, where is this gold and how do you buy it? Gold to God is you and your character. There is nothing more valuable than you in His kingdom. The fire is the love of the Holy Spirit that purifies you and cleanses you from incorrect belief structures until you become firm and established in Him.

In this case, as you come to Him, He will teach you about who Jesus is as the AMEN, He will teach you God’s faithfulness and that Jesus truly is the Great I AM. He will also teach you about the glory of His creation, first you and then the rest of creation. His fire is His voice and His presence. As you spend more time with Him you become purer and purer until there is no false (lukewarm) belief left in you. As you are refined and transformed into His image you also find yourself coming into the place of true wealth and prosperity – a wealth and prosperity that will last forever.

Then He will counsel you to buy from Him white clothes to wear. White clothes always refer to your righteousness. He will teach you about who you are in Him, that you are righteous, pure and holy. Righteousness has to do with who you are and what you are called to do in the realm of heaven. It has to do with your eternal status as a king and a priest in the eternal kingdom of your Father. Righteousness is your victory over sin and covers any faults and failures you experience while you are growing in the knowledge of who you are in Him.

Lastly, He encourages you to buy from Him salve to put on your eye so that you can see. This is about your ability to see the things of heaven. To engage with Jesus in His kingdom and to be able to see the things of the spirit realm. Jesus said that those who are born from above will both see and enter the kingdom of heaven. They would be able to traverse between heaven and earth and find His provision and glory no matter where they are.

Jesus has a wonderful and glorious plan for you. I encourage you to seek Him, to learn of Him and to follow Him wherever He may lead you.

In His passionate love He will rebuke and correct you. He will teach you, lead you and guide you, however, you need to be serious about following Him and you need to repent of bad attitudes and belief systems.

Tomorrow I will discuss the wonderful rewards He has promised those who come to know Him as the Amen, God’s faithful and true witness, and the Creator of all of God’s creation.

Be blessed





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