God has Faith!

Do you know that God lives by faith every moment of every day? He calls things that are not a present reality as if they were ALL THE TIME. He does not change His mind, neither does He lose His focus. He knows the end from the beginning and believes that He will accomplish all that He desires.

Where, why and how does a God who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient have to use faith? Can’t He just do what anything He wants? Yes, in some areas of His life He can but in others He can’t – or rather He does not and will not do whatever He wants. The area in which God is limited and has set rules and boundaries is called YOU. When it comes to you He has magnificent plans and purposes but without YOU being a willing participant He cannot act. However, He never gives up. YOU are His faith challenge and the object of His love and mercy.

His challenge with you and me is that we can lose focus and are at times easily drawn away from His love. Once we have been drawn away we begin believing all sorts of nonsense, the greatest and most tragic being thoughts and emotions that doubt His love for us. When we believe God is punishing us, angry or disappointed with us, not interested in or has given up on us, or that we just fail Him all the time, is when God’s faith gets challenged!

But, God loves a challenge 😊! His challenge is to saturate you in His love. In Ephesians 3:17-19 God gives us the battle, or faith plan. It begins with Him placing you in the center of His love, which is infinitely high , infinitely low , infinitely out in front and behind you, and stretches infinitely out to the left and right of you. No matter where you look or where you go you cannot escape His love for you.

And it is this great, intoxicating, wonderful love that He wants you to draw on. He will do all He can to make you aware of His love and mercy toward you. He will always focus you towards His love and mercy because He knows this will lead you away from sin and into His kingdom and every spiritual blessing that He has for you.

So, relax! The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit love you with all their heart, and soul, and might. They will not let you go because they have a magnificent plan which involves YOU and they believe in YOU!

Have a little faith in yourself and see yourself from His perspective and that you are the deserving, chosen, wonderful recipient of His infinite love and mercy!

Immersed in love! 😊





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