God’s Timing

God’s timing is always perfect, even when your desires have been delayed and come later than you planned. He sees your beginning and your end and knows the good things He has coming your way.

On Monday, my flight from George to Johannesburg was delayed two and a half hours. However, it became one of the most beautiful flight I have ever had. I am so glad the flight was delayed 😊

We eventually departed at 5pm and as we climbed we turned to fly over the mountains. The sun was beginning to set and the sky had beautiful hues of reds and orange. The mountain were covered in snow for as far as I could see. In a time of drought, it is more than comforting to think of how much water the Lord had just dropped upon us.

As we continued the sky was a magnificent, spellbinding vision of colour that kept changing. As the night crept in the colours changed from bright to deep crimson. As far as I could see, from left to right, there was a living changing painting by the divine hand of My Creator.

I also could not get my usual seat, so had to sit on the opposite side. This too was the hand of my Father, for if I had sat in my usual seat I would have missed the spectacular sunset and the deep intimacy I had with Him as I watched the wonder of His creation.

So, the next time you think God is late or a situation arises that takes you out of your plan and schedule, remember, your Father may have something really awesome in store for you!

Live expectant of His goodness. Trust in His love for you. Know that He has your best interests at heart. Be confident in his love for you. Enjoy the surprises He has in store for you.

PS: I also received a R300.00 voucher from Mango Airlines for the inconvenience 😊





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