Goodness Gracious!

It is going to be an amazing, exceptional, wonderful and enchanting year with loads of God’s goodness and grace bursting towards you!

One thing about the Lord is that He loves pouring out His grace and His abounding goodness on you, and 2018 will be full of wonderful and unexpected showers upon you to where you will be exclaiming,

“Goodness gracious!” 😊

It was a bit of a strange new year for me as I had received a voice message from someone who had a vision of God pouring out some kind of judgement over South Africa and that a devastating tsunami was going to hit Cape Town over new year. This was apparently confirmed by others too! As you are aware, none of this came to pass!

The sad thing is that many people still see God as a vengeful and judgmental God that is still angry with the world, or themselves, because of sin. It is true that God executed judgements in the Old Testament, but this was only because Jesus had not yet died on the cross. Under the Old Covenant the only protection against sin was the blood of bulls and goats being shed, and if this blood sacrifice was not carried out then there was no protection! With no protection, judgement came.

However, this all changed when Jesus came. When Jesus died and shed His blood He provided forgiveness for the WHOLE WORLD. God judged the sin of the world, believers and unbelievers, in the body of the Lord Jesus. When Jesus rose from the dead He entered the Most Holy Place and placed His blood on the mercy seat so that judgement upon sin would be complete once and FOR ALL! His blood provided forgiveness for the WHOLE WORLD.

The message of the kingdom that we have been entrusted with is the message of reconciliation between God and man. God is NO LONGER holding anyone (the WHOLE WORLD) accountable for their sin. IT HAS ALREADY BEEN FORGIVEN. If God is still pouring out judgements upon the world then we would have to conclude that the blood of Jesus, His horrendous death and suffering, was not enough to provide forgiveness. To accuse God of any kind of death, destruction, sickness or disease is pure blasphemy on our part!

(There is a time, or age, coming where He will once again deal with the rebellion of wicked people rejecting His salvation, but that age has not yet come. Right now, we are in the age of His grace, which is forgiveness, mercy and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ toward all men. This is the message of Christmas! Anyone that rejects salvation through Jesus Christ now is condemned already and will be judged after death.)

The Lord is happy and full of excitement concerning you! You are His favorite! You are His beloved! You are His child! You carry His authority and power! You speak to storms, circumstances and things and they must obey you because He has decreed that you are acceptable to Him just as you are. No fault or failure or sin is of consideration because He has made you righteous through His blood! And we are here to set the world free through HIS GOODNESS AND GRACE!

2018 is before you. Make it a great one! Have fun! Know that God is with you, for you, rejoicing over you and very, very pleased with you! 😊

Scripture references: Hebrews 1:3; Romans 5:17; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21





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