Grace? What is it?

Is it Jesus? Yes.

Is it God’s goodness towards you? Yes.

Is it God’s unmerited favour upon you? Yes.

Is it healing and deliverance? Yes.

Is it peace and prosperity? Yes.

Is it forgiveness for ALL your sin? Yes.

Is it redemption? Yes.

Is it freedom from darkness? Yes.

Is it help in a time of need? Yes.

Is it comfort when you are down? Yes.

Is it counsel when you don’t know what to do? Yes.

Is it wisdom and understanding? Yes.

Is it salvation? Yes.

Yes, Yes, Yes! All the promises of God are Yes and Amen in Christ Jesus!

There is nothing in your life that God has not taken care of through His grace. Through His grace He has made you righteous. He has made you holy. He has made you worthy. He has made you complete in Him.

You are no longer a worm, unworthy, hopeless, sinful, unaccepted, unloved, ugly, useless, incapable, timid, not good enough, etc., so you need to take all those horrid images, thoughts and imaginations and cast them into the fire of God’s holy love and grace through which you have been redeemed and made righteous.

You are far more magnificent and wonderful than you imagine. You are so unique and so awesome and so incredibly made. Not only are you and incredibly wonderful creation you are also one with the Creator of the universe. Seriously, what is so great or traumatic in your life that has any chance against the magnificent being that you are in Christ Jesus. Really, what great trial is shouting at you that has a voice like the thunderous voice of your Father? There is none. So, don’t you fear, God’s grace is with you and there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can defeat you when you know who you are.

Be Magnificent!





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  1. Thank you Yvonne , we sometimes forget that we have favor and that we are treasured and that the promises are not empty but belong to us because of images that are in our mind and how we feel about our selves , and those images are not from God . May this message reach all those who need to hear that they are loved and special in Jesus Beautiful Name. Amen