Growing up with Jesus!

Have you ever wondered what growing up with Jesus would have been like?

What did Jesus’ brothers experience living with Him, especially as they got older? How often do you think He irked them? How did Mary deal with Him? At the age of twelve He already knew who He was. Do you think there were times of conflict between Jesus and His mother? How would you handle Jesus physically living with you in your house?

As I thought about it the Holy Spirit gently whispered, “No different to how you grow up with Him!” What a thought!

The truth is that HE NOW LIVES IN YOU and He is with you more than He ever was with His siblings. YOU are growing up with Jesus!

How many times have you fought with Him because His way is not your way, His opinion is not your opinion, and His discipline is not what you desire? The way you react and respond to Jesus now is no different to how you would have behaved had you been living in Joseph’s household.

Ever wondered why none of His brothers were apostles along with Peter, James (not His brother) John and the rest? Probably because they had issues with Him calling Himself the Messiah! They did not believe in Him, nor in what He was saying. There were some big issues in that house!

But here is the good news. If you are following the Lord and your family is not then just remember Jesus had the same issues. After the resurrection the disciples, the women, Mary and Jesus’ brothers were all together waiting for the promise of the Holy Spirit. His brother James becomes a minister and writes the Book of James. His whole family became believers and followed Him.  In due season your family too will come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour and they will join you in serving the Lord. Just keep praying and believing God, Jesus did.

He is living with you! 😊

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Scripture reference: John 7:5; Acts 1:14; Acts 11:14





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  1. Hey My Friend

    This message was really thought provoking, really close to home. Made me think!