Heartfelt Prayer! Part 7

Have you ever stopped to consider what it means when Scripture says the Holy Spirit dwells within you, or when Jesus prayed that we would be IN Him?

Interestingly the word “in” is a function word to indicate inclusion, location, or position within limits. We understand what it means when we say we live IN a house. So, when the Bible says the Holy Spirit lives, or dwells, within you, you need to ask yourself how and where?

In some way or form God has created us in such a way that there is a space within us where heaven dwells. Jesus said heaven is within you, and in another place that He has placed eternity in the hearts of men. I do not know how He has done this, but He has, and He calls this place your “heart.” Therefore, there is a place within you which has limits and boundaries, just like a house, in which beings live. Okay, before you get totally freaked out – your spirit is a being that lives somewhere within you and so is God a being that lives within you.

Consider this prayer that Jesus prayed. (Jn 17:19-26) Jesus prays that we would be one with each other, just like He and the Father are one, that the Father’s love for Jesus would be in us so that He Himself could be in us. I encourage you to take some time to read and think about what Jesus meant when He was praying this prayer.

Then in Romans 5:5 He says the love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit whom He has given us. Your heart, that place within you where God dwells, is full of His immeasurable love for you, the same measure of love that the Father has for Jesus is in you. Imagine that. Jesus lives where love is, and that is now IN you – in this place called your heart. This is not your physical heart that pumps blood, neither is it the seat of your emotions. This is a DWELLING PLACE, that is fully consumed and inhabited by God.

There is nothing unclean or unholy about this place. It is a place within your body and as a result your body is now the temple in which God lives. All through Scripture you will see that the temple was the holy dwelling place of God and now your BODY is the holy dwelling place of God.

Under the Old Covenant God prophesied that there would come a time when He would make a new covenant with the house of Israel, where He would remove from them the heart of stone and place a new spirit within them. This was fulfilled when Jesus rose from the dead. There is a New Covenant in the earth today, a new temple, a new holy place, and this is IN you. The “heart” that He has removed or taken out is not your physical heart, nor your emotions. It’s the place where death used to dwell. He removed the place within you that was in death and put heaven in its place. Then He put a new spirit within you too. He did not remove your spirit, He joined you to His spirit, and that union has produced a new spirit, a new creation, – one in which you and the Holy Spirit have become ONE SPIRIT. Pretty amazing! (Ez 36:26; 1 Cor 6:17)

With this NEW CREATION comes a new law, called the law of life in Christ Jesus. It is a new covenant, based on better promises and is eternal – NOW. (2 Cor 5:17; Heb 8)

I encourage you to take some time and read the Scriptures in this passage. Think about or imagine what this looks and feels like. What does God’s love in your heart feel like? Remember, you are a being that can enter into this place called your heart which is completely filled with God’s love for you.

Have a heart-warming day! 😊





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    1. Dear Sharon, I pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit to strengthen you in this time and that you feel His loving arms embrace you. I love you too.