Heartfelt Prayer! Part 6

Today I want to talk about the most famous Scripture on the heart. It has been used in so many sermons it’s frightening. If you have not been exposed to this then I am truly grateful and thankful to the Lord for sparing you this horror.

I hope that little statement has peaked your interest … here it is.

Jeremiah 17:9 The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?

If your heart is desperately wicked and the most deceitful thing in your life, you have a serious problem. Think further, that would mean your heart is more wicked than satan himself! If that is the case, then how much trouble are you in? It would certainly be wise NOT to trust your heart!

Question: The heart we are talking about, is it the one that pumps blood around your body? NO. Obviously not, your heart is a good thing to your body, for without it you would cease to exist on this planet.

The other two definition for heart are:

  1. Your emotions/feelings
  2. The most central place of something

Therefore, your heart is a place. How many times have you heard the expression, Jesus LIVES in your heart. This means He actually dwells in a place, or space, that exists within you, and this place is called your heart. I believe this is the place where your spirit also lives. It is out of this place that the thoughts and emotions that produce life and death come from.

Now, if this is such a desperately wicked and evil place, you would be without God and without hope in this world. For an unbeliever, or anyone that is not born again, this is a very serious situation. If you are separated form Christ, you are without hope and without God in this world. (Eph 2:12) Anyone in this situation has a heart that is desperately wicked and deceitful. Not that they cannot or do not do many good things, they can, they can do wonderful things. What then makes their heart wicked and deceitful?

When you look at and read Scripture always ask the Lord to help you see and understand from His perspective. A wicked heart is a heart that turns away from the Lord and convinces itself that God is not who he says He is. It is a heart, or a place, within a person where Jesus Christ is not welcome. This is a heart (place) that is deeply rooted in its love for death and the feelings or desires to reject Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers. I guess this would make a person more wicked that Satan, as Satan has no salvation offered to him. His fate is sealed. His judgement is set and anyone that chooses death will reap the rewards that death offers.

You, however, are NOT in death! You are a new creation; your heart is pure and you are clean. You are IN (a place) Christ. You are in God. God’s heart is not evil or desperately wicked, neither is yours. You do not need to fear death. You are an amazing, holy, and righteous creation and Jeremiah 17:9 does NOT apply to you.

We will discuss our hearts some more next week. My prayer is that you come to connect with your heart for this is where your loving Saviour has made His home. 😊

You’re amazing! 😊





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