Heavenly Throne 10

When John heard the Lord’s voice he turned to see the Voice of the One speaking to him. The word turn is very interesting as it does not mean to turn around but to convert, which is to change a belief system from one point of view to another.

I think he may not have seen the Lord in this form before and all his beliefs and theologies were undergoing a transformation and he was converting to another perception or understanding of the risen Lord. I wonder how we would react once we see the Lord in His glorious form as John did, which I sincerely hope we will all get to experience this side of heaven!

John knew Jesus and walked with Him when He was a man and so understood Jesus from a natural or physical perspective. He saw the Lord when He was transfigured on the mountain and again after the resurrection. He also knew the Lord and had a perception of Him in His heart and mind, but now he was encountering the full manifestation of the risen King in His glory as He is in the spirit (third heaven) realm. Jesus looks so different John does not even use Jesus’ name but just says he saw someone “like a son of man.” In other words, Jesus had a human form but did not look like any human he had ever seen.

Imagine encountering Jesus and trying to explain that the Being you are looking at looks human but is not human! Enchantingly scary stuff! No wonder John said he was being converted. How was He supposed to explain all this?

Remember I am going through this journey looking at it from the spiritual, mental and physical realms. All three realms, I believe, have a different appearing or manifestation. Jesus said that all things are possible with God and I believe this means that all the images we encounter going forward have a “reality” in every realm but with a different form.

This also means we are going to have to look at things with a childlike acceptance of “imaginary things,” except these imaginary things are spiritual and they are alive. I do not believe we should be frightened by any of them but rather be intrigued, awed and inspired by the One who is our GOD. I think we are going to encounter the beautiful appearing of the Lord of the Spirit, the Lover of our soul, and the restorer of our bodies. He will unveil Himself as the Almighty God, reveal us as his new creation, reveal the devil and his defeat and our greatest weapon, HIS LOVE, with which we will conquer the world and restore all things back to Jesus. (1 Cor 13:8a)

Going forward we will have to be willing to forsake our past. We will have to put everything, including some beliefs that we may now have, behind us. We will have to put our sins behind us, our failures, our hopes and dreams, everything. We need to be willing to embark on this journey with the Lord and allow Him to transform us, restore us, edify us, strengthen us and exalt us. We are here for His glory alone, but He is here for ours. There are great wonders to behold, battles to fight and victories to gain. If you are willing to have everything you believe challenged, then come with me. Let everything that is false be changed and everything that is true be fortified. (Philippians 3)

Right now, I have far more questions than answers but there is also a great sense of playful joyfulness. I see the Lord with a playful grin on His face inviting us to “Come up here” so that He can show us the wonderful things that will unfold as we behold His appearing in our own hearts and minds.

Let’s go see the Voice that has been speaking to us for so long 😊.

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