Heavenly Throne 14

So, let’s get into the mystery of the golden lampstands.

Firstly, I want you to close your eyes and imagine the lampstands. They are made of pure gold, have a centre piece and three arms (six) extending outwards. Each one reaches up to the same position as the other. On top is a golden bowl shaped like an almond flower filled with oil and the wicks are burning. Their light is reflecting in the gold causing it to shine. Fix your thoughts on the beauty and majesty of what you are seeing. Allow a sense of awe and wonder to flood over you.

Heavenly Throne 14 – Download PDF placed in the holy place in the tabernacle of Moses. This is a representation of what you are like inside. Today, you are the tabernacle of the Most High God. Please don’t go looking for a third temple to be built, you are His temple and together we make up the TEMPLE of the Lord, which is currently rising to become a glorious and most holy habitation of the Most High God. Whenever we put things off into some future event it absolves us from a sense of responsibility and when we do this, we find the light and glory of who Jesus is in us being put out.

The lampstands represent the Church of Jesus Christ. Notice that it is made of pure gold. Gold is a very precious metal and of great worth. It is a great conductor of electricity – the power, glory and majesty of the Lord – and when perfectly beaten it becomes a mirror in which light is reflected. But, as much as this is a representation of the Church, it is also a representation of who you are in Him. This is how beautiful and precious you and the rest of the Church is to Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

I wonder where the doctrines of the saints being filthy, sinful, rotten, unholy, unworthy and wretched beings come from? Demons maybe? This is certainly not the image that Jesus is revealing about you and me. In Christ you are perfect, holy, without fault or criticism or blame. I know that it is often hard for you to see yourself as pure and holy, but that does not diminish the truth.

You are a NEW CREATION, a NEW CREATURE, a perfect and pure creation in Christ Jesus.

The whole purpose of the gospel is to bring you into the knowledge of who you are IN Him and away from any identity with sin and death. You ARE who JESUS says you are and not what the world, and sadly other saints, think you are.

Does this mean you can now go and sin and do as you please? Heaven forbid! The truth is that those who say that you can sin as much as you want and there is no consequence have no intimacy or revelation of Jesus. The more you see Jesus the less you want to sin. The more you turn your heart and mind towards Him the greater His light and love shines on you, and within you, and around you. Darkness will flee from you. Habitual sin will fall away and righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit will become the hallmarks of your life.

The oil in the lamp that burns is the presence of the Holy Spirit within you. Notice that it is not the lampstand that burns but the oil. The Holy Spirit, together with your spirit, contain the power to burn. It is the Spirit that gives light and illuminates the soul and the body. The Bible says that whosoever is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him. Your spirit is firmly fixed and integrated into the Holy Spirit. They are inseparable and we all know that there is no sin or darkness in God, therefore, there is no sin or darkness in your spirit either. In heaven, or the realm of the spirit, you are perfect and without sin or fault.

But, this truth of who you really are needs to filter down into your soul and your body. When Jesus redeemed you, He did so spirit, soul, and body. He came to redeem or purchase all of you not just a part of you, and He finished His redemption of ALL of you on the cross. Therefore, He is able to declare ALL of you holy and sinless before Him. The challenge now is for you to come into that revelation yourself. We have been so indoctrinated about our filthy “self” that we want to be delivered from it. But I have some good news for you. God is not going to deliver you from your “self” because He is in the process of perfecting you. Your “self” belongs to Him and He wants it fully redeemed. This redemption happens as you identify your “self” (including your body) as a beautiful, perfect and wonderful creation – a golden lampstand, that He has great pleasure moving around in. 😊

Everything about you is holy and precious to God. There are seven lampstands and the message to each lampstand or Church is personal and designed to bring you to perfection. As you work with the Holy Spirit and the redemptive realities and mysteries that are in Jesus you will come into your full identity as a mature son or daughter of God and be able to not only manifest heaven on earth but ultimately, together with the rest of the saints, bring heaven to earth.

So, my beloved lampstands, shine with the glory and the majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Have a brilliant day! 🎇


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Heavenly Throne 14 – Download PDF


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  1. This shape lampstand always makes me think it is a Hebrew synogogue. Was puzzled to see it in an Afrikaans church too.
    I did not know it represented the Church of Jesus Christ
    Wonderful lesson to learn.

  2. Enjoy all episodes I read. The golden lamp stands is particularly fascinating.
    Always seen them, now I can relate to them as all.

  3. “This is how beautiful and precious you and the rest of the Church is to Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.”

    This phrase opened my spiritual eyes to the wonder and the truth that is what His church is to Him. No more righteous condemnation from me toward us His people, thank you Lord!