Heavenly Throne 15

If you ever thought Christianity is a boring religion then you have not met Jesus Christ, because He is anything but boring! In fact, Christianity should be the most exciting and exhilarating experience anyone could ever hope to dream of.

Christianity as a religious system is really boring. How many times have you secretly slept through a sermon or come out of church feeling anything but happy – and I don’t mean happy that church is finally over – I mean really happy because you have just come out of an encounter with the King of kings and Lord of lords?

If you read Jesus’ letter to His church you will find someone who is full of romance, fun and adventure. We get to go to heaven, interact with angels, slay dragons, bring heaven to earth, redeem and deliver creation, receive rewards and find new things in Him for all eternity. We will be doing “stuff” with Him for ever! Come on, come out of the world and come up into heaven! Jesus is calling you to come and enjoy the wonder and majesty and glory of heaven. This is where you belong.

Did you notice that the first thing Jesus revealed is not Himself but the pure beauty, holiness and wonder of His Church? I pray that our image of who we are as His beloved Church begins to increase and intensify with brilliance and awe till we are able to see clearly that the Church of Jesus Christ, His new creation, is the most beautiful and wonderful group of beings currently walking on the planet! This is where Jesus is taking us in our journey with Him in this life and beyond.

When Jesus died and sacrificed His life for His church, He demonstrated His pure devotion to us. He did this so that He could present us to Himself as pure and holy through the pure water of His Word, being His loving and tender words that He speaks over us. He redeemed (paid lobola) us through His blood and removed every spot, wrinkle and blemish from us. Whenever we get reminded of who we were before we became His, His gentle voice comes to remind us about who we are and whose we are. In this way He removes the stains of our past, present and future sinful acts, and restores our thoughts and memories back to who we are as His prized possession.

Make no mistake. To Jesus we are already perfect because we are His NEW CREATION. Yes, there are identity issues we have to deal with, but these are there only because we have not yet seen the lover of our souls in His present glory and majesty. The more we see Him the more we get transfigured into His image and glory. This process, which is currently happening in our souls and bodies, will be perfected, and once complete the full glory of the Redeemed will shine throughout the cosmos.

So, first Jesus reveals the wonder and purity of the church and then He reveals Himself to John. Now, John knew Him as a man, but the person he now saw before Him was completely different, to where He says that he saw someone that looked like a human being but was definitely NOT human! The sight of Jesus in His resurrected glory was more than He could stand, and he fell on his face in terror. I wonder what would happen if we, His church, began to encounter Jesus as He is now? I pray that this would begin to happen all over the earth and especially in you.

It is through the intense and wonderful experiences and revelations of the Lord that the Church will overcome every obstacle and arise in her full glory till she is proudly seated beside her King, ruling and reigning with Him for all eternity!

What a high calling we have! What a privilege! What a wonder! What a joy!

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Scripture References: Rev 1:13; Eph 5:26-27; Mat 13:43; Gal 6:15

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