Heavenly Throne 16

What would you do if a ball of brilliant light, brighter that the sun, suddenly appeared before your eyes causing you to go blind instantly and then a thunderous voice speaks to you, terrifying you so badly that you cannot eat for three days? Do you think that that would change your life?

Don’t you just wish God would do that more! Ever wanted Him to appear to you in His full glory and majesty? He definitely wants to do that but with His appearing comes great responsibility and accountability and this is why He chooses to appear to you within your own heart and soul (mind) and not physically. He knows you and knows how far He can take you into the manifestations of His glory. The Holy Spirit is working in you through the encounters that you have with Jesus to perfect you so that your mind and your body can handle the glory that you are called to live in. What may seem small and insignificant to you is greatly magnified and very different in the heavenly realms. Keep seeking Him and moving deeper into knowing Him.

When Jesus appeared to John, John did not recognize Him. He had seen Jesus after the resurrection, but in every case, Jesus still appeared as a man and they could recognize Him. John, as a new creation could now encounter Jesus in his heart and mind, just like we do, but he had not yet met the full manifested, resurrected Son of God. This Being that he now saw terrified him. This Being had a human form but was anything but human. Neither did Jesus introduce Himself to John as Jesus. He was about to take John into a whole new dimension. A dimension where Jesus not only looks different but is also known by other names.

For the purpose of understanding and identifying who Jesus Christ is I am going to identify the appearance of Jesus as a man that we can identify with as Jesus, and the identity that He has in heaven as this magnificent Being as Christ. Our God can obviously take on different appearances so it would help if we were able to just identify Him when He does take on different forms. And He surely does take on some different forms in the Revelation. I don’t believe these forms should terrify us; He is our God, but He is also our brother having fun with His siblings! 😊

Also, note that Christ was walking among the lampstands. He was walking among His Church not as Jesus but as Christ. He wants to reveal Himself to you and me as Christ. This means we will have to go up to heaven so that we can see Him, because here on earth He will always be Jesus. By the way, going up to heaven is something that you can do now. Heaven is within you and you have access to go there. Ask the Lord to reveal the way for you. Your connection is in your heart and your ability to see is in your imagination. Jesus reveals Himself to you from within your heart and up to your imagination. Every encounter you have with Jesus or with Him as Christ will take place within your soul. You soul is made up of your mind/memories, your choice, your will, your reasoning or intellect, your emotions and your conscience.)

The purpose of Revelation is for Jesus Christ to bring your whole spirit, soul and body into the perfection of their creation in Him. From an eternal position your soul is already perfect, and your body is in its complete resurrected form.

Why would Scripture tell us to be heavenly minded? Why are we to set our affections on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father? Why are we told to separate ourselves form the things of this world? What world are we supposed to live in? Why are we told to consider ourselves dead to sin and alive unto righteousness? Why does it say that Jesus is going to bring His final victory over death through the Church? Why does it say we have already died and have already risen with Christ and are already seated with Him in heavenly places? Is Scripture serious about these things or are they really only things that are applicable once we leave the planet?

I believe these things are for us to be living in now because we have a job to do and that is to bring an end to death and decay. Hence the wonderful letter that Christ has written to you and me!

Scripture References: Acts 9; Luk 24; Phil 1:27; Eph 1:21; Phil 5:5-11; Col 3:1-2; Eph 2:6; Rom 6:11

Have a thoughtful day! 🤔😃


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