Heavenly Throne 19

Let’s go back to what our glorious, ascended Christ and God looks like!

Firstly, He is described as someone who looks LIKE a son of man (human) but John clearly had no earthly reference to describe Him. He was wearing a full-length robe and had a gold sash over His chest.

An interesting thing happened when I was meditating on His robe. I wondered what colour His robe was as Revelation’s does not describe the colour. So, I went searching the phrase “Son of God” in Scripture to see if there was another description of His robe. What I found though was a very intriguing mystery – which I have not delved into yet. And that is that I found the phrase Son of man and son of man. One Son is capitalized and the other is not.

That means there were places where God was talking to the Son of Man, being Jesus, and other times He spoke to the son of man, who was human (in this case Ezekiel). There was a definite synergy between the two. Now think about this, Jesus said that John the Baptist was the greatest of all the Old Testament prophets, greater than Ezekiel, Elijah, and Moses. Then He said that the least (the lowest ranking person in His kingdom) is GREATER than John the Baptist.

Why is this? Because there is a species of beings that did not exist up until that time. They are called by God “a new creation.” They have the appearance of men (and women), but they are not human. They are the SONS OF GOD! The Bible actually calls us aliens. So, the next time someone thinks your weird or crazy because of your faith in Jesus Christ rejoice because they are encountering an alien and don’t know what to do with you! 😊

Now, Jesus is the Son of God and you are a son of God. In heaven you have the same appearance. On earth Jesus took on the form of a man but in heaven He has the form of God. On earth you have the form of a man/woman but in heaven you have the appearance of the son of God. Therefore, as you consider what Jesus looks like as the ascended Christ, remember, He raised you up with Him and as He is so are you. John, in describing the ascended Christ is also describing you. I know, we have a hard time seeing ourselves like this because we are still so stuck in the thinking patterns that come from the realm of darkness. This is changing!

Back to Jesus. I did not find the colour of His robe, but I assume that it is white because white symbolizes righteousness and He is called the King of Righteousness. He gives to each one of us our own garments of salvation and a robe of righteousness. He is wearing a full-length robe which symbolizes Him as completely clothed in righteousness. Righteousness means to be totally without sin and death. He is the eternal Son of Righteousness that rises with healing in His wings. He comes to redeem us from sin and death and bring us into the glorious righteousness of the sons of God.

The first thing we need to know and be intimately acquainted with in our walk with Jesus is to know Him as the Son of Man. He has fully identified Himself as one of us. He became a man so that He could identify with our weaknesses. He was tempted in every area of life, just like we are but He did not yield to it, and as a result has become merciful towards us, and as our High Priest He makes intercession (favourable legal decrees) on our behalf in the heavenly courts. It is here, in the heavenly court systems that His victory over sin and death is administrated on our behalf. He has fully identified Himself with us so that we can fully identify ourselves with Him.

Today, as a new creation in Christ Jesus, He declares and decrees to all that are listening that you are righteous, pure, and holy in His sight. However, the one person that needs to hear His decrees concerning your righteousness, purity, and holiness is YOU! How attentive are you to His decrees concerning you and if you are hearing them how much of it do you believe? He has given you the gift of righteousness. He has made you righteous. He has justified you and decreed that you are without sin in Him. There is nothing you can do on earth to deserve it. You are His child and the beneficiary to His will and testament.

It’s time to get to know your Father, the Father of all that is righteous – without sin, fault, criticism, condemnation and guilt. In your heart and imagination put on your own full-length robe of righteousness that He has given you and identify yourself with Him in the heavenly realms! 😊

Be blessed and loved. 💝


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  1. So true wear our robe of righteousness and know our father, he is there waiting for us!